Fourth Industrial Revolution

Season 7 | Episode 703 | Length: 27 minutes

Experts say we’ve arrived at the Fourth Industrial Revolution…and it requires a fusion of hands-on skills and high-tech knowledge. Breakthroughs in innovative technologies are already re-shaping the way we live..but what do these changes mean for today’s young people?

Our Guests

Dr. Byron ClaytonDr. Byron Clayton is the Chief Executive Officer of Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing (ARM). Founded at Carnegie Mellon University in January 2017 and now operating as an independent non-profit, ARM is a national, membership based consortium dedicated to asserting U.S. leadership in manufacturing by accelerating the commercialization of innovative robotic technologies and empowering American workers to obtain advanced manufacturing jobs.

Tom MitchellTom Mitchell is the E. Fredkin University Professor at Carnegie Mellon University, where he founded the world’s first Machine Learning Department. Mitchell’s research lies in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and cognitive neuroscience.

Rachel KorbergRachel Korberg is a Program Officer at the Ford Foundation where she leads a portfolio of grants, partnerships, and investments that aim to build a more just and inclusive future for workers.


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