Raising Citizen Scientists

Season 7 | Episode 702 | Length: 27 minutes

A “Citizen Scientist” is defined as a member of the general public who collects and analyzes data, typically as part of a collaborative project with professional scientists. This episode explores the range of exciting and essential projects that allow young people to use their curiosity, STEM skills, and digital technology aptitudes to help care for our natural world.

Our Guests

Dr. Andre Samuel

Dr. Andre SamuelDr. Samuel founded the S.I.G.M.A Science Mentorship Initiative, a summer study program designed to intoduce diverse ninth graders to Duquense University’s lab with the long-term goal of encouraging the pursuit

Sara Espinoza

Sara EspinozaSara is the Vice President of Programs for the National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF). She oversees the design, integration, execution, and evaluation of NEEF programs and pilot initiatives, as well as exploration of new themes and concepts in environmental education.

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