Tune In, Tune Out

Season 1 | Episode 104 | Length: 57.07

Do your children believe everything they see on TV? How does your child learn to separate fiction from reality? This episode will empower families with skills and techniques for evaluating media images and ratings systems while identifying ways that media can have a positive impact on their lives.

Our Guests

Angela Santomero
Angela Santomero

Angela Santomero is best known as the Creator and Executive Producer of acclaimed children’s television hits such as Blue’s Clues on Nick Jr., and Super Why! and Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood on PBS KIDS. She is the Founding Partner and Chief Creative Officer of Out of the Blue Enterprises, LLC, and oversees the creative development and research of all the company’s projects, with a mission and vision to bring educational entertainment to a whole new level.

Deborah Gilboa, MD
Deborah Gilboa, MD

Deborah Gilboa, MD is a Board Certified Family Physician, mother of four sons, and a professional parenting speaker and writer. She is also the author of Teach Resilience: Raising Kids Who Can Launch! and Teach Responsibility: Empower Kids with a Great Work Ethic.

Steven Martino, Ph.D.

Steven Martino, Ph.D. is a behavioral scientist at the internationally-known RAND Corporation. Much of his research has focused on psychosocial aspects of adolescent substance use, social cognitive processes involved in adolescent sexual behavior, and the influence of various media (including television, movies, music, and various forms of advertising) on adolescents’ beliefs and behaviors regarding sex and substance use.

Alice Wilder, Ed.D.

Alice Wilder, Ed.D. is the Chief Content Officer for Speakaboos and is also the Co-Creator and Head of Research and Education for Super Why! For over 10 years, Alice served as a Producer and the Director of Research and Development for Nick Jr.’s Blue’s Clues and Developer of Blue’s Room.

Emmai Alaquiva

Emmai Alaquiva, an Emmy Award-winning producer, entrepreneur and mentor is known for his strong presence in the music and radio industries. Alaquiva holds multiple prominent positions in the field of sound. In addition to having served as the Director of Production for 7 years for WAMO 106.7FM, Alaquiva is also the CEO of Ya Momz House, LLC, an award winning full-service recording & production facility.

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