What is iQ: smartparent?

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iQ: smartparent is an Emmy Award-winning program about parenting in the digital age. WQED-TV created a television series and social network for parents to empower them with new knowledge, tools, and abilities to successfully guide their children in the use of digital media and technology.  iQ: smartparents are a community of parents, caregivers, educators and experts who want to understand the opportunities and challenges of media as it relates to child development. Our show is developed in partnership among WQED’s award-winning education, production, and interactive teams.

Season 1 consists of three hour-long specials on parenting in the digital age. Those episodes include:  Like, Follow, ShareTune In, Tune Out; and Tots + Tech.

Season 2 consists of six thirty-minute shows that touch on diverse topics like how media and robotics is helping kids with autism, to how tech is changing  your child’s school experience.  Those episodes include: Apps, Gaps and the Digital DivideAiding AutismiDadDigital BadgingFlipped Learning; and Healthy Media Habits.

Season 3 consists of six programs that focus on interesting topics such as gender in the media, parent entrepreneurs and the maker movement. Those episodes include: Parent EntrepreneursPreventing the Summer SlideGamingThe Culture of MakingGirls & Media; and The Maker Movement in Schools.

Season 4 consists of six 30 minute shows that covers topics such as social-emotional learning; how education is changing in the digital age; exciting family activities to promote STEM education; and a special episode revealing how parents’ media habits influence their kids!  Those episodes include: The Family Fun GuideCelebrating Different Learning StylesSocial and Emotional LearningMath in the Digital AgeLibraries Transform Lives, and Healthy Family Media Habits.

Season 5 consists of six 30 minute programs that cover topics such as how technology is changing how we give back to our communities, explore jobs, and monitor our health. Those episodes include Maker Home Make-OverDigital Do-GoodersDigital ArtistsTechnology-Health & FitnessTech, Stress, and DepressionCareer Exploration and Virtual Job-Shadowing.

Season 6 consists of episodes with a focus on food maker spaces, STEM topics, animals, and the answers to the debate about screen-based learning! Episodes include: Edible STEM; Up In The Sky; STEM In Strange Places; Bridging the Digital Divide in the Workforce; All About Animals!,; and Screen Time vs Old School Learning. 

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