006: Tom Roberts, Part 1

Tom Roberts is a pianist, a composer, a 78 rpm record collector and a musical historian with special interest in late 19th century and early 20th century Pittsburgh musicians who are often overlooked.

In this episode of GUMBANDS, he talks about growing up in Swisshelm Park, teaching himself to play piano, learning about ragtime, classical and New Orleans jazz, moving to other cities, and eventually how he introduced himself to the great Leon Redbone with whom he toured for several years. He has some really good stories.



To learn more about Tom Roberts visit his Wikipedia page

His personal page

His Facebook group about 78 rpm records: The Hot Club of Pittsburgh

His first appearance with Leon Redbone on “The Tonight Show” in 1990

Tom with Jacques Gauthé & The Creole Rice Jazz Band

Tom with the Pitsburgh trio known as the Red Beans & Rice Combo