004: John Tarallo and Steel City Salt Company

John and Candy Tarallo sell salts and spices that are wonderful ways to make your foods taste better. They started selling their wares on a sidewalk table in the Strip District in 2014, and have since opened a small brick-and-morter Steel City Salt shop on Grant Avenue in Millvale.

For GUMBANDS, we talk to John about the history of this business, how it’s grown and the development of special spicy blends that he and Candy create themselves.

For this episode, there are three parts: 1) an audio podcast, 2) a video version of that interview and 3) a special documentary short about the Tarallos and their business. You can listen to the first one and/or watch the other two.

And if you stop by their weekend table in the Strip or visit the shop in Millvale, don’t be afraid to try the Trinidad Scorpion Salt.  It’s extra spicy in all the right ways.

Steel City Salt Company: steelcitysalt.com/



John and Candy Tarallo sell a wide variety of salts and spices at a small shop in Millvale, just outside the Pittsburgh city limits. They also still put up a sidewalk table in the Strip (where they started their business in 2014) on weekends, and they are always trying new blends and international ways to make food more interesting.