WQED and Tree Pittsburgh are partnering up for “Growing Greener,” to reach new audiences and engage children and families in environmental and nature-based programming. Together, we will reach more children with outdoor experiences and environmental education designed to create life-long environmental stewards.

Researchers have identified early childhood (defined as birth to eight) as a particularly crucial time for developing environmental literacy. Numerous studies have associated positive childhood experiences in nature with the nascence of adult environmental concern and participation in environmental behaviors. Exposure to nature and outdoor education benefits children physically, mentally, and impacts their ability to learn and thrive academically. A Stanford University review found that environmental education helps children develop academic skills such as critical thinking, decision-making, and systems thinking, producing lifelong learners and effective problem solvers.

Videos & Resources

Teachable Moments

Enjoy a selection of short video lessons from local educators designed to show students how to create educational projects out in nature!

WATCH: Our friend Joe Stavish, the director of education at Tree Pittsburgh, explains how to estimate the age of a tree using the tools you already have at home!

Teachable Moments

A Thyme-ly Message

Painting with Nature

Searching for Critters

Tree Pittsburgh’s Top 10 Videos

Our friend Joe has selected his top 10 videos to teach you about trees and wildlife. Click here to view them all!

Tree Pittsburgh Resources:

Tree Wordsearch and Maze

Sensory Table and the Life of a Tree guide

Tree Chain Game (for classrooms or groups)

The Age of Nature: At this crucial turning point in our planet’s history, PBS’s “The Age of Nature” brings together inspirational contributors, rare archive material and stunning imagery from around the world, to give us a deeper understanding of Nature and our place within it. Click below to view the special and accompanying video resources that WQED has put together with the help of some friends!

The Age of Nature from PBS