Thursday Sept. 21, 2017
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 12 AM
Music Through the Night
12:01 am Steve Reich: Electric Counterpoint: 3rd movement
Kasia Kadlubowska, percussion
Dominik Bukowski, percussion
Dux 1221 Buy now
12:06 am Robert Moran: Ten Miles High over Albania: Part 3
Piano Circus Band
Mario Falcao, harp
Argo 436128 Buy now
12:12 am Michael Gordon: The Low Quartet
Brian Sacawa, saxophone
Innova 675 Buy now
12:21 am music continues...
 1 AM - 6 AM
Music Through the Night
with Ward Jacobson
 6 AM - 10 AM
QED Morning Show
with Jim Cunningham
Live from Oakland with local arts, BBC News, traffic, weather and morning favorites.
 10 AM - 2 PM
Mid-day Classics
 2 PM - 6 PM
Afternoon Classics
with Anna Singer
WQED-FM's Anna Singer hosts your afternoon and drive time classical music - complete with BBC Newscasts, weather and the latest arts news.
 6 PM - 8 PM
Evening Classics
 8 PM
Birthday of the World: Rosh Hashana
"Birthday of the World" presents some of the most inspiring music in the Jewish liturgical tradition performed by the acclaimed vocal ensemble The Western Wind. The program also features ancient chants and folk melodies from four guest cantors and several noted singers.
 9 PM
Exploring Music
with Bill McGlaughlin
The Big Five II - Part I: The New York Philharmonic - As our country's orchestras open their new concert seasons, Bill begins a two-week series on our oldest orchestra, the New York Philharmonic. Bill interviews musicians, explores the orchestra's archives, and features some of its most memorable performances.
 10 PM - 12 AM
Music Through the Night
with Bob Christiansen

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