Pittsburgh Opera Preview

La Traviata

Giuseppe Verdi

October 1st at 12:30pm and October 7th at 7pm

The Story

Giuseppe Verdi’s La traviata – the fallen woman – is a compelling tale of love, intrigue, money and power in 19th century France. It explores grand themes through intimate family drama. Alfredo Germont wins Violetta’s love and his father’s displeasure. His father, going behind Alfredo’s back, coerces Violetta into breaking up with Alfredo because their relationship threatens his daughter’s engagement and his family’s reputation. Violetta will not disclose his father’s role in their breakup, so Alfredo erroneously believes she loves someone else. He publicly denounces her, leaving them both grief-stricken. Will they reconcile before it’s too late?

The Cast

Violette – Danielle Pastin
Alfredo – Cody Austin
Giorgio – Sebastian Catana
Flora – Leah de Gruyl




Richard Strauss

October 29th at 12:30pm and November 4th at 7pm

The Story

Based on the play by the one-and-only Oscar Wilde, Salome recreates the biblical story of King Herod, his daughter Salome and John the Baptist - Jochanaan.

The Cast

Salome – Patricia Racette
King Herod – Robert Brubaker
Herodias – Michaela Martens
Narraboth – Jonathan Boyd



Richard the Lionheart

George Frideric Handel

January 14th at 12:30pm and January 20th at 7pm

The Story

King Richard I of England travels to Cyprus to retrieve his shipwrecked fiancee Costanza. But Isacio, the Governor of Cyprus, wants her for himself. Betrayal, greed, love and war- all the ingredients for a thrilling opera.

The Cast

King Richard I – Leah de Gruyl
Pulcheria – Claudia Rosenthal
Isacio – Andy Berry
Costanza – Shannon Jennings



As One

Laura Kaminsky

February 11th at 12:30pm and February 17th at 7pm

The Story

A mezzo-soprano and a baritone depict the experiences of its sole transgender protagonist, Hannah, as she endeavors to resolve the discord between herself and the outside world. 

The Cast

Hannah before – Brian Vu
Hannah after – Taylor Raven




Giacomo Puccini

March 18th at 12:30pm and March 24th at 7pm

The Story

Prince Calaf falls in love with the icy Princess Turandot. To marry her, he must solve three riddles; a single wrong answer results in death.

The Cast

Princess Turandot – Alexandra Loutsion
Prince Calaf – Thiago Arancam
Liu – Maria Luigia Borsi
Timur – Wei Wu



The Summer King

Daniel Sonenberg

April 22nd at 12:30pm and April 28th at 7pmThe Story

The Summer King tells the story of baseball legend Josh Gibson. Josh went from the sandlots of Pittsburgh’s North Side to the pinnacle of greatness in the Negro Leagues, before ultimately being enshrined in the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY.

The Cast

Josh Gibson – Alfred Walker
Wendell Smith – Sean Pannikar
Grace – Denyce Graves
Sam Bankhead – Kenneth Kellogg

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