2022 WQED Documentary Profiles Pittsburgh’s Iconic Leader

“I want people to be all that they can be and all that they want to be. Don’t restrict yourself. Let’s all take somebody along.” – Esther Bush

When Esther Bush was a little girl, she saw the world as a place filled with possibilities. The way she saw it, we should all have the same rights and opportunities to be who and what we wanted to be. It was this belief that inspired Esther to join the Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh and become a force for change.

“She has had one mission over the course of a lifetime and it is unmistakable and compelling. So how do you say no to someone who is that clear and also kind about it?” – Grant Oliphant, Former President, The Heinz Endowments

WQED follows Esther’s journey from Westinghouse High School to the Urban League’s National office and back again to Pittsburgh. You’ll meet some of the many people she’s inspired and those who have inspired her. And watch as she tirelessly champions a Pittsburgh where everyone can succeed.

Infused with insights from friends, collaborators and colleagues, the documentary will include interviews with a selection of community leaders who’ve worked with Esther through the years.

The program also explores the Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh as it meets the challenges of a changing city. We’ll examine a few of its far-reaching programs and its continuing mission to bring economic self-reliance, power, parity, and civil rights to Pittsburgh’s African American community.

“I think Esther’s imprint on the Urban League and Pittsburgh and indeed, on the United States, will be ever lasting.” – Chris Moore, Journalist

“A Force for Change: Esther Bush and the Urban League” is written and produced by Minette Seate along with other members of WQED’s award-winning documentary team.

Major funding for "A Force For Change: Esther Bush and the Urban League" was provided by:

UPMC. Life Changing Medicine

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First National Bank
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Diocese of Pittsburgh
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