3:30 PM
Splash and BubblesDunk's New Friend; Ripple's Whale of a TaleDunk has a parasite in his mouth but is afraid to go to the cleaner shrimp for help; Ripple traces a sound to a fin whale.
5:00 PM
Pinkalicious & PeterrificSidewalk Art; Gnome at HomePinkalicious tells a story while drawing with chalk; Pinkalicious and Peter invite Norman the Gnome to watch over their plants.
6:00 PM
Nature CatHouston's Outdoor Adventure; Hotel HalHouston trains for the Tough Track Adventure; Hal welcomes a family of voles into his home.
6:30 PM
Nature CatLet's Talk Turkey Vultures; Prescription: NatureNature Cat and his pals meet two turkey vultures; Hal tries to build a Squeak-a-saurus Rex but the model keeps breaking apart.
7:00 PM
Wild KrattsCaracal-MintonA wildcat disrupts a game of badminton.
7:30 PM
Wild KrattsZig-ZaggedA baby zebra is left alone after a stampede.
8:00 PM
Odd SquadThe Cherry-on-Top-Inator; SirAgents talk about how gadgets helped them; someone with an odd problem visits headquarters.
8:30 PM
Odd SquadOrchid's Almost Half Hour Talent Show; The Perfect ScoreAll the agents want to appear on Orchid's talent show; villain report card day.