3:00 AM
Xavier Riddle and the Secret MuseumI Am Helen Keller; I Am Alexander Graham BellHelen Keller teaches Yadina that there are many different ways to learn; Alexander Graham Bell shows Xavier and Yadina how to help Brad after he loses his voice.
3:30 AM
Molly of DenaliBird in Hand; Bye-Bye BirdieMolly and Tooey think they've discovered a ghost, until they realize it's a bird stuck in a dryer vent; Molly and Trini go with Nina to the Kenai National Park to see the puffins.
4:00 AM
Hero ElementarySuper Summertime; Snowy JourneyAJ wants to do all the activities on his super fun list -- but they are for the winter; the crew treks through snow to get Fur Blur to the veterinarian.
4:30 AM
Odd SquadEnd of the RoadThe Mobile Unit, with the help of the Big O and two Australian agents, attempts to stop The Shadow from causing trouble Down Under.
5:00 AM
ArthurTo Eat or Not to Eat; S.W.E.A.T.A new candy bar makes everyone act strangely; the kids get stressed over the upcoming aptitude test.
5:30 AM
WordGirlRhyme and Reason, Part 1; Rhyme and Reason, Part 2A new villainous duo wreak havoc throughout the city; WordGirl tries to get the disorganized villains back together.
6:00 AM
Splash and BubblesPartner Pals; Ultimate Hide and SeekAfter an argument, Splash and Bubbles decide not to play together for a while; Splash is good at playing hide and seek.
6:30 AM
WordWorldDog's Camping Adventure; V Is for VacationPig and Frog take Dog on a camping trip; Duck is ready for his yearly vacation.
7:00 AM
Peg + CatThe Pig Problem; The Mariachi ProblemWhen the Pig leaves the farm to join the opera, Peg and Cat realize they can't make it without him; Cat hires a Mariachi band.
7:30 AM
Peep and the Big Wide WorldChirp's Flight Program; Mirror, Mirror in the DumpChirp's flying practice takes off; how toy planes and helicopters fly; the birds find a mirror.
8:00 AM
Sid the Science KidThe Perfect PancakeSid learns that Grandma's pancakes are always perfect because she cooks them on the stove for the right amount of time.
8:30 AM
Super Why!Woofster Finds a HomeWhyatt meets a puppy at a pet adoption fair.
9:00 AM
Pinkalicious & PeterrificBest Day Ever; Catchy SongPinkalicious and Peter decide to put on their own show after Jonah Rose's concert sells out; Pinkalicious writes a catchy song.