5:30 PM
Odd SquadWhere There's a Wolf, There's a Way; New Jacket RequiredOlympia and Otis must go through vigorous training to travel to Potatoland; Ms O takes Otis to get a new jacket when his jacket starts to fall apart.
6:00 PM
Wild KrattsBack in Creature Time: Tasmanian TigerThe Wild Kratts use Aviva's Time Trampoline again, this time to visit the extinct Tasmanian Tiger.
6:30 PM
Wild KrattsGolden Bamboo LemurA rare Golden Bamboo Lemur is born.
7:00 PM
Molly of DenaliThe Qyah Ice Classic; The Great Qyah CleanupMolly and her friends compete in a contest to predict when the river ice will break; the kids find some mysterious trash during a village cleanup.
7:30 PM
Molly of DenaliMouse in the Treehouse; Leader of the PackMolly and Tooey design their dream treehouse, complete with a windmill and elevator, but plans might have to change when Tooey's cat gets loose; Tooey's puppy doesn't like following directions.
8:00 PM
CyberchaseTraffic TroubleThe Dingerville Dragons search for an alternative way to get around traffic so they can get to the field to practice.
9:00 PM
Xavier Riddle and the Secret MuseumI Am Confucius; I Am SacagaweaXavier and Yadina overcome a sibling spat with the help of Confucius; Sacagawea helps Xavier and Brad realize that just because Yadina is younger, she can do more than they think.
9:30 PM
Let's Go Luna!Totally Yodelly; Barry and the Lost SmellLeo is plagued by sleep-yodeling in Switzerland; Andy befriends a retired St. Bernard that is called to help when SeƱor Fabuloso gets lost in the snow.
10:00 PM
Rosie's RulesRosie Rocks Mariachi; Rosie Canta un CorridoRosie performs in Papa's mariachi band; Rosie wants to sing a corrido for the family talent show.
10:30 PM
Alma's WayNo-Go Mofongo; Alma vs. EddieAlma tries to help Mami fix the mofongo; Alma takes her sports rivalry with Eddie too far.
11:00 PM
Alma's WayAlma Goes to Puerto Rico; Bomba on the BeachWhen Alma and her family travel to Puerto Rico to visit Papi's family, Alma can't wait to dance Bomba on the beach; her dancing plans are put on hold when an unmarked package containing a beautiful Bomba skirt is dropped in front of her bisabuela.
11:30 PM
Nature CatTally Ho, A Volcano!; No Rest for the SqueekyNature Cat and his pals learn about a volcano; Squeeks wants to stay up all night.