2:30 AM
Wild KrattsLet the Rhinos Roll!Zach Varmitech kidnaps rhinos from the African savannah.
6:00 AM
Splash and BubblesPole-to-Pole, Parts 1 & 2The Reeftown Rangers set off on an adventure from the Antarctic to the Arctic.
6:30 AM
Clifford the Big Red DogForgive & Forget; Mimi's Back in TownCleo gets upset when Clifford forgets a play date; Cleo teases T-bone for liking a little poodle named Mimi.
7:00 AM
Esme & RoyThe Very Sleepy Tillie; Personal SpaceIt's time for Tillie to take a nap, but she wants to play with Esme and Roy instead; when baby Fig is left out of Hugo and Frank's space explorer game, Esme and Roy encourage the big kids to include her.
7:30 AM
Peep and the Big Wide WorldBirds of a Feather; The Incredible Shrinking DuckPeep sets out to find the owner of a beautiful feather; Quack builds a snow monument.
8:00 AM
Sid the Science KidThe Wind Did It!After raking a pile of leaves earlier, Sid checks on it and finds that the leaves are, again, all over the yard.
8:30 AM
Super Why!ThumbelinaThe Super Readers shrink down to the size of ants to help Thumbelina find her missing brother.
9:00 AM
Pinkalicious & PeterrificA Real Hoot; Amazing Tower of IgloosPinkalicious becomes friends with an owl in her backyard; Pinkalicious and Peter build an igloo, but soon realize they need a bigger one when all of their friends want to sleep over in it.
9:30 AM
Clifford the Big Red DogMaking Lemonade Out of Lemons; The Watering HoleEmily Elizabeth, Clifford and friends set up a lemonade stand to raise money to buy new soccer jerseys; Emily Elizabeth and her friends pretend to be animals on their way to the watering hole.
10:00 AM
Let's Go Luna!Stinky Fruit; Kick It GoodLeo wants to like a very strong-smelling durian fruit; Andy wants to play ball with kids in Thailand.
10:30 AM
Dinosaur TrainJunior Conductors Academy: Part One; Junior Conductors Academy: Part TwoBuddy is disappointed when a new kid at the Junior Conductor's Academy is smarter than him; Buddy and his new friend, Dennis, work together to pass a series of tests.
11:00 AM
The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!Super Cleaner Uppers; Itty Bitty WaterNick and Sally learn the difference between natural garbage and man made garbage; meet three creatures who conserve water in the desert.