7:30 PM
Wild KrattsRattlesnake CrystalThe Kratt brothers use rattlesnake powers to find rare tellurium crystal.
8:00 PM
Odd SquadExtreme Cakeover; A Job Well UndoneA virus turns people into cakes; the agents compete for Agents of the Month.
8:30 PM
Odd SquadThree's Company; Behind Enemy MimesOdd infestations send Ms. O from her office; Ms O. needs help tracking down her old partner.
9:00 PM
ArthurArthur Sells Out; Mind Your MannersArthur decides to sell old toys through his school's Web site; the Tibble Twins want to take their grandmother out to dinner.
9:30 PM
ArthurBuenas Noches, Vicita; Prunella Packs It InVicita asks D.W. and Arthur to re-create the story from her lost book; Prunella takes on more extracurricular activities.
10:30 PM
Dinosaur TrainErma Eoraptor; Under the VolcanoBuddy, Tiny and Mrs. Pteranodon meet Erma Eoraptor, one of the first species of dinosaur that ever lived; Old Smoky, the local volcano.
11:00 PM
Dinosaur TrainConfuciusornis Says; Tiny's Tiny DollThe family meets a very old dinosaur at Confuciusornis Gardens; Tiny leaves her Tiny Doll behind in Velociraptor Valley.
11:30 PM
Splash and BubblesYuck or Treat; The Thing From Above the ReefSplash and his friends visit the cave of the old hagfish, deep in the abyss; Dunk discovers a baby sea urchin hiding in his home.