6:00 AM
The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!Top of the Sky; Jiggle BonesSally, Nick and Cat chase after a rocket; Nick and Sally learn about bones.
6:30 AM
Ready Jet Go!Round and Round; The Plant From Bortron 7The kids learn how the planets orbit the sun and rotate on their own axes at the same time; Jet gets surprising results when he attempts to grow a plant from his home planet.
7:00 AM
Peg + CatPeg and Cat Save the World: Part 2The president of the United States calls on Peg and Cat to investigate when strange signals come in from outer space.
7:30 AM
Super Why!The Alphabet's Sad DayPig feels like he isn't really helping his big brothers build their brick house.
8:00 AM
Daniel Tiger's NeighborhoodDaniel Feels Two Feelings; The Neighborhood CarnivalWhile flying a kite, Daniel, Katerina and O learn that it's okay to feel two different feelings; when Daniel arrives at the carnival he feels excited and scared about riding the ferris wheel.
8:30 AM
Daniel Tiger's NeighborhoodFriends and Feelings; Daniel's Day of Many FeelingsDaniel learns the importance of sharing his feelings; Daniel pays attention to how many feelings he experiences in a day.
9:00 AM
Sesame StreetReturn of the Fairytale HelpersAfter a gingerbread house collapses, the Fairytale Helpers wonder what might hold the walls together.
9:30 AM
Elinor Wonders WhySpeedy Swimming; Strawberry JamElinor learns how webbed feet help ducks and other animals get around in the water; Elinor and Olive plan a camping breakfast for Elinor's dad's birthday.
10:00 AM
Clifford the Big Red DogThe March of the Sea Turtles; A Squirrely SituationThe kids try to figure out why the newly-hatched baby sea turtles walk around town instead of crawling into the ocean; Emily Elizabeth and Clifford are inspired to turn Clifford's doghouse into a warm and cozy paradise.
10:30 AM
Dinosaur TrainErma Eoraptor; Under the VolcanoBuddy, Tiny and Mrs. Pteranodon meet Erma Eoraptor, one of the first species of dinosaur that ever lived; Old Smoky, the local volcano.
11:00 AM
Let's Go Luna!Stinky Fruit; Kick It GoodLeo wants to like a very strong-smelling durian fruit; Andy wants to play ball with kids in Thailand.
11:30 AM
Curious GeorgeCurious George's Rocket Ride; Curious George, Station MasterGeorge sends supplies to the astronauts on the International Space Station; George wants to try being a stationmaster.
12:00 PM
Nature CatMoth Frolic-Fest; Dune PatrolThe gang hopes to find a moth for Hal; Nature Cat and his pals learn about the importance of sand dunes.