4:00 PM
Sesame StreetA New Friend on Sesame StreetCharlie and her parents, who were in the military, move into the neighborhood; Elmo and Rosita show Charlie around, and she learns that Sesame Street is a place where anyone can be friends no matter who you are.
4:30 PM
Daniel Tiger's NeighborhoodKaterina's Costume; Dress Up DayKaterina has trouble deciding what she wants to be for Dress Up Day; the children show off their fancy costumes during the annual parade.
5:00 PM
Curious GeorgeColor Me Monkey; Special Delivery MonkeyGeorge must figure out how to replicate colors used in a painting; George and The Man with the Yellow Hat play the Wild Goose Chase board game.
5:30 PM
Curious GeorgeThe Fully Automatic Fun Hat; Creatures of the NightGeorge creates the Ultimate Yellow Monkey Fun Hat; George finds a baby possum who has lost his family.
10:00 PM
CyberchaseMissing Bats in Sensible FlatsDigit's cousin, Brigit, thinks a lack of bats is the reason the flowering cactus plants are not bearing any apple cactus fruit.