3:30 PM
Nature CatThe Queen of the Night; Space RocksTonight is the one night a year that the Queen of the Night cactus blooms, but the flower lasts only for a few hours.
4:00 PM
Nature CatStream and Shout; Hal's Day OffThe gang investigates where streams begin; Nature Cat, Squeeks and Daisy search for Hal in the big city.
4:30 PM
ArthurD.W. on Ice; Spoiled Rotten!D.W. tells her friends she is a fantastic skater, but she really is not; Muffy tries to prove to her friends that she is not spoiled.
5:00 PM
ArthurGeorge Scraps His Sculpture; Arthur's Big MeltdownGeorge volunteers to create a piece of art for the county-wide art show, but can't decide what to make; Arthur gets angry when a smoothie spills all over his new sneakers.
5:30 PM
Odd SquadOdd Together Now, Part 1 & 2The Odd Squad Mobile Unit must stop villains who want to break into Odd Squad Headquarters to steal an ancient artifact.
6:00 PM
Wild KrattsPlatypus CafeWhile kayaking in Australia, Martin and Chris see a platypus mother with her eggs.
7:30 PM
Sesame StreetDoggie Job SearchBrandeis the Labrador Retriever looks for a job on Sesame Street; as Gina explains to Elmo that she works with service dogs who help people, the job sounds appealing to Brandeis, so Gina trains him for a career as a service dog.
8:00 PM
Sesame StreetSesame Street Goes to the FarmFarmer Todd takes Elmo, Rosita, Bert, and Ernie on a tour of a farm; they learn about the machines farmers use, the animals that live on the farm, and the food that grows there.
8:30 PM
Sesame StreetThe Missing Goat MysteryElmo, Rosita, and Grover are at the farm today, and Farmer Todd is missing a goat; they look for clues to help find his goat, following hoof prints and listening for bleating sounds.
9:00 PM
Xavier Riddle and the Secret MuseumI Am Abraham Lincoln; I Am Jane JacobsYadina gets advice from Abraham Lincoln after she accidentally loses her friend's toy; Jane Jacobs inspires Xavier, Yadina and Brad to rebuild their fort.
9:30 PM
Let's Go Luna!Old School; Yankee Doodle AndyLeo wants to attend a traditional school in Boston; Andy learns the history of the Fourth of July.