11:30 AM
CaillouCaillou's ChristmasCaillou goes out caroling for the first time; children bring seasonal objects for show-and-tell; Caillou wants to stay up to see Santa.
12:30 PM
WordWorldPlaying Spies; Wee Little WhaleSheep and Duck think Dog has a secret; Sheep rescues a tiny whale.
1:00 PM
Peep and the Big Wide WorldWandering Beaver; Peep's New FriendBeaver Boy keeps getting lost while trying to find Quack's pond; treasure hunt; Peep becomes friends with a caterpillar.
3:30 PM
Pinkalicious & PeterrificSlumber Party; PuptasticPinkalicious hosts a Princess of Pink slumber party; Pinkalicious puppy-sits Pinky, but the nervous poodle is afraid to come out of her shell.