8:30 PM
WordGirlGuess Who's Coming to Thanksgiving Dinner; Judging ButcherTobey and his mother are guests of honor at the Botsfords' Thanksgiving dinner; Becky's friend Violet wants to audition for a talent contest.
10:00 PM
CyberchaseSpace Waste Odyssey, Part 2Hacker positions giant patches of trash in cyberspace in a plan to finally shut down Motherboard once and for all.
10:30 PM
Molly of DenaliMolly & Elizabeth; Uqiquq (Throw Party)Molly is excited to show visitors around Qyah, but they don't think she is "Native enough" for the job; Tooey's family throws a special celebration to honor his first catch.
11:30 PM
ArthurFrancine's Pilfered Paper; Buster Gets RealFrancine copies and pastes information from a Web site to use as her school report; everyone loves the new reality-TV series except Arthur.