About Ready to Learn

For the 2020-2025 round of Ready to Learn WQED has chosen to focus on a rural community. Our rural communities make up a large part of our viewing area. We have worked with schools and libraries in rural communities, but have not developed a deep network such as a Learning Neighborhood in our rural areas.

We want our partners to learn more about PBS resources and how to use them to increase family engagement in order to bring their communities together and utilize all the resources each other has to offer. In the five years, we hope to add more partners from Washington County. WQED wants the Learning Neighborhood partnership to sustain the partnerships that are created during this RTL grant cycle and long into the future. For more information view this one-sheet.

Computational Thinking

Ready to learn content will encourage computational thinking skills by providing opportunities for children to use the design process thinking outside the box make connections and develop flexible mindset through play.

World of Work

Ready to Learn wants to support kids in developing not only their awareness and knowledge of the vast array of career and job options that many be available to them, but also the social and emotional learning skills that help them manage life in the workplace.

Everyday Literacy

Ready to learn wants to support young children as they encounter oral and written communication in their everyday lives. One important aspect of everyday literacy is the focus on using information as a way to navigate the world, to communicate, and to express oneself in practical tasks and activities.

WQED’s Learning Neighborhood stops at the Frank Sarris Public Library in Canonsburg, PA to celebrate the opening of a new Pre-K classroom. Parents, students, and community members gathered for a ribbon cutting ceremony, while organizers explained the classroom’s positive impact on children. The Frank Sarris Public Library is one of four Ready to Learn Partners in Washington County, along with City Mission, Blueprints, and Wylandville Elementary. The mission of WQED’s Ready to Learn initiative is to connect partners in a community to support the learning of children and families using PBS resources.