Hear from librarians and families on their experiences with Inquire Within!

“I was so excited when I walked in this morning and Tina told me the Pinkalicious screener was here! Then, she showed me all the goodies that you sent along with it. We cannot thank you enough for all the resources provided! We love Inquire Within!”

  • Susan, Assistant Children’s Librarian, Eva K Bowlby Public Library, Greene County, PA

“Again, I can’t tell you enough how much these programs are going to mean to our community. We are very rural in Greene County with unreliable if any internet service in the outlying areas. Much of our community is impoverished as well and unable to afford tablets, computers, etc. The opportunity for the children to work on electronics coding, exploring, and creating is going to be awesome.”

  • Kathy, Director, Eva K Bowlby Public Library, Greene County, PA

“I am very excited about this opportunity to work in cooperation with PBS, as it has been and continues to be a positive staple in my family, as well as, in so many other families in the community.”

  • Megan, Assistant Children’s Librarian, Citizens Community Library, Washington County, PA

“The Inquire Within program has caused quite a stir in Masontown! The parents and grandparents expressed over and over how wonderful the event was for the library and wanted to know about our next event! Inquire Within is so much fun! We enjoy partnering with WQED and are grateful for the sponsorship of Chevron. Because of Inquire Within, I have renewed interest in my elementary programming and am running about 20 children per event.  Our greatest successes have been when I attach Inquire Within to an existing program!”

  • Amy, Director, German Masontown Public Library, Fayette County, PA

“Susan Reilly and I appreciate this opportunity and we’re hoping our library can make the most of all these great PBS resources this coming year and in the years to come. We look forward to collaborating with all of you at WQED. Often parents and kids depart our library programs with smiles but this time, much more than usual, I heard “Thank you so much for having this kind of program.” I think some of that was because the focus was on characters that the kids knew and loved but some of it was the blend of listening-watching-doing-creating-sharing…. Which I think is the kind of fun learning experience PBS Kids and this Inquire Within project are aiming for – with success! It’s extra work to pull it off, but worth it.” (referencing library’s first ever Pinkalicious program)

  • Catherine, Children’s Programming and Technical Services, Moundsville-Marshall County Public Library, Marshall County, WV

“My story time kids specifically ask to play on the PBS pads when they come in on Wednesdays now. :)This is a resource we would never have been able to provide for them without Inquire Within. We are working our way towards becoming a PA Forward Star Library, and your efforts and the Inquire Within grant help towards that end.  Using the resources to tie into programs has made that process so much easier.”

  • Jill, Director, Prospect Community Library, Butler County, PA

“I am so excited about the program because it really broadens what we can offer with characters that are near and dear to the children.I am so excited about the vast amount of materials available for this program.  It’s hard to pick where to start!” 

  • Michelle, Director, South Butler Community Library, Butler County, PA

 “I really love this partnership.”

  • Denise, Children’s Librarian, Whitehall Public Library, Allegheny County, PA

“I can’t tell you how great it has been to work with WQED on Inquire Within.  What a gift it was to receive your phone call saying we could be a part of this excellent program! I was so burned out but being a part of Inquire Within has been revitalizing and refreshing and FUN!  It’s an honor to be part of such a wonderful partnership.” 

  • Karen, Children’s Librarian, Adams Memorial Library, Westmoreland County, PA

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for the incredible children’s programming at Adams Memorial Library. My two daughters (ages 2 & 4) and I attended the Inquire Within: Pinkalicious Art Party on July 18 and had a fantastic time! We discovered the Pinkalicious book series around the same time as the cartoon premiered on PBS, so we were familiar with the titular character. However, at the event that day, we were introduced to Peterrific’s own book, and Emeraldalicious! Between the new stories, art project involving nearly unlimited craft supplies, special Pinkalicious theater-style screening (with refreshments!), and the take-home bag with Pinkalicious stickers, colored pencils, and a tasty magic wand kit, their young minds were absolutely blown!!! As a parent, I appreciated the immersive learning experience. Any way that we can incorporate different media to engage their minds, while using a beloved character to hold their interest, is fantastic!

We’ve been to many children’s story times and events, from museums, bookstores, and other libraries including Carnegie Libraries of Pittsburgh, but I’ve found nothing that compares to the captivating & engaging content of Adams’ children’s programs. The format of themed stories interspersed with puppet time, scarf play, musical instruments, and songs that are fun and accessible (for parents as well) provides the kids with a learning experience filled with the perfect amounts of stimulation and familiar repetition. The children’s library play area is wonderful and diverse enough to engage in creative play for both younger and older children. While the book selection is wonderful, the superior librarians are always eager to suggest titles, offer to place a hold, or request a transfer from another library. The summer reading program far-surpassed my expectations, including the innumerable activities and incentives that completely out-classed our local library in Greensburg.

In short, I wanted to say a very big thank you to Ms. Mary, Miss Andrea, Mr. Alex, Mr. Adam, and the incomparable Miss Karen, whose gifts of engaging storytelling and imaginative encouragement are unsurpassed. We look forward to many more fantastic events at the children’s library and hope that you will continue the outstanding collaboration with WQED. We, of course, will continue reading!

With sincere thanks,

  • Kathryn C.