Digital Docs


Created for digital viewing, this ongoing series of documentary shorts explores fascinating topics, people and places. History, human interest, social concerns, medical advances, sports and more. Diverse and memorable!


Keep Pittsburgh Dope

Social media platform Keep Pittsburgh Dope showcases the unique people of Pittsburgh through street photography.

A Critical Connection

We look at difficulties teens have in discussing mental health issues with their parents.

Behind Enemy Lines

Shot down two weeks before D-Day, P-47 fighter pilot Wally King experienced the turmoil first-hand. Now 97 and living in New Wilmington, PA, Mr. King relives the uncertainty and desperation, along with unexpected moments of humanity.

Emma Writt: Pittsburgh’s Pioneering Suffragist

In Pittsburgh's African American community, the suffrage movement was vibrant, and it grew out of women's reading clubs.

Mary Lou Chapman: A Remarkable Life

The late Mary Lou Cahpman was featyred in the documentary "Finding Elizabeth's Soldiers." Her service in World War II and her decades of work with the American Red Cross were only two fascinating facets of her life.

August Wilson Park: You Plan Right

Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy and other agencies worked closely with the community to transform the Hill District’s rundown Cliffside Park into a nature sanctuary that serves the needs of its neighbors.

Lynne Hayes-Freeland: A Determined Voice

She has been a constant on the air for decades - and a supportive voice in Pittsburgh's African American community. Her program is one of the nation's longest-running minority affairs programs.

Gift of Art

Steve Mendelson takes his gallery to the street to spread joy during pandemic.

Autism: Behind the Lens

For young people with autism and on the spectrum, high school years can be difficult, especially when it comes to communication. But filmmaking is opening new doors for some.

Pittsburgh Circus

Meet the jugglers, fire breathers, aerialists and more behind an entire subculture of circus performers right here in Pittsburgh.

A Crowning Achievement

A reflection on the founding of African American youth pageants.

Ride to Rescue

Volunteers work to save homeless pets across the United States and beyond.

The Hunger Lesson

Middle school students learn about teens living in Lodz ghetto and facing starvation.

Life After Hate

A former neo-Nazi skinhead shares what she learned about the roots of hatred.

A Pearl Harbor Story: Remembering at Age 101

One of the few remaining veterans at Pearl Harbor shares memories of that infamous day.

Drop by Drop

Five Afghani refugees and a local playwright follow their dream of owning a food business.