Black Horizons from the Archives

WQED Pittsburgh’s Black Horizons went on the air in the tumultuous year of 1968 shortly after the assassinations of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert Kennedy, and after the civil unrest at the Chicago Democratic Convention and in cities across the country.

It became the nation’s longest running television series designed to address the concerns of African American audiences. By the time it went off the air in 2010, Black Horizons had produced more than 700 episodes over its 42-year run. More than just a forum for the community, the series served as a training ground for Black talent in front of and behind the camera. Through the decades, the program featured various hosts and producers until Emmy winning journalist Chris Moore took over the program in the 1980s. He was later joined by Emmy winning producer Minette Seate before the program evolved into WQED’s Horizons in the 2000s.

WQED has reached into its archives to digitally re-master segments from select episodes of this groundbreaking program, showcasing interviews with memorable, and in some cases, iconic guests.

Ed Dwight, Jr.
In this clip from October 27, 1993, WQED host Chris Moore interviews Ed Dwight Jr. In the early 1960s, President John F. Kennedy chose Mr. Dwight to be the nation’s first Black astronaut, but things didn’t work out that way.

Julian Bond
American civil rights icon Julian Bond sat down with Chris Moore just prior to delivering the inaugural lecture on behalf of the University of Pittsburgh’s Center for Race & Social Problems in 2003.

Chris MooreChris Moore is a long-respected member of Pittsburgh’s media community. In 2018 he was inducted into the Silver Circle Honor Society of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. He has written, produced and hosted literally hundreds of talk shows, documentaries and community forums during his impressive career. Chris is one of the founders of the prestigious Frank Bolden Urban Journalism Workshop of the Pittsburgh Black Media Federation. He is also a dedicated advocate for America’s veterans, acting as a resource and representative for Vietnam veterans in our region and beyond. He is currently the host of “Pittsburgh Now” on PCNC-TV and hosts a radio talk program on KDKA Radio.

Minette SeateMinette is WQED’s Supervising Producer. Throughout her career she has written and produced a wide range of programs and documentaries including the Emmy Award winning documentaries “The Good Fight” and “Friends and Neighbors.” Many of them, focusing on Pittsburgh’s African American community. She is also the host and producer of “Filmmakers Corner,” WQED’s independent film showcase.

Past Black Horizons Hosts and Producers:

Delphine Sessae
Ralph Proctor
Don Marbury
Rose Jewell
Jimmy Tripp
Frank Rhodes
Elaine Effort
Minette Seate


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