Portrait Provided by Family

Thorer Christianson

Bronx NY
Date of Portrait 
While watching the program on Memorial Day weekend, here on Long Island NY, I remembered coming across a sketch of my Dad with my parents' personal effects. After the program was over, I went back to all the "stuff" I kept, thinking all the time...what are the chances the sketch was a piece of Elizabeth Black's art work? What a blessing to see that it was hers. Thank you again for all your hard work. Such a wonderful project. Praying that Elizabeth Black will be finally honored. Her sketch will appear in my father's bio at the WWII Memorial in DC., when I post it tomorrow. I feel I can personally honor her in some small way. Our veterans have left such a legacy and Elizabeth Black was very much herself a part of that for many. I hope all those sketches find their homes. -Lynn Dragasakis, Farmingdale, NY - June 10, 2014
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