On this conversation@wqed, we’ll get to know more about Pittsburgh Police Chief Cameron McLay as we talk about his first few months on the job and the changes he hopes to make in the Pittsburgh Police Department.

Original airdate: Jan 14, 2015

We begin with the terrorist attack in France and talk more about news in the case against Kathleen Kane. Then, a discussion on the now controversial sign held by Pittsburgh Police Chief Cameron McLay.

Original airdate: Jan 09, 2015

We’ll look at the epidemic of drug addiction among young people and see how Gateway Rehabilitation Center is working to reverse the numbers. Also, we find out just how important early detection is when it comes to lung cancer and see what it takes to get in shape with the fitness craze Crossfit.

Original airdate: Jan 08, 2015

We begin by covering some of the biggest news-making events of 2014 including racial unrest, the Republican takeover of the House and Senate, our shifting relationship with Cuba, domestic violence, hacking and the sale of the August Wilson Center. We’ll end the show with the panel’s predictions for 2015.

Original airdate: Dec 19, 2014

In the tradition of the Horizons series on diversity, musicians representing the region’s varied musical traditions perform songs that celebrate the holiday season. Groups include CoroLatino Americano, the Afro American Music Institute Boys Choir, Gabrielle and Mr. DeVilla, (Filipino folk music), The Bastard Bearded Irishmen, an Irish rock band and the Asian-influenced jazz ensemble Silk Sound.

Original airdate: Dec 18, 2014

We’ll find out what the residents of a local retirement community are doing to help bring comfort to the homeless. Then we learn how trash from Haiti and Honduras is being turned into something good before we tell you how you can decorate and dine on tableware products that truly give back.

Original airdate: Dec 18, 2014

Host Michael Bartley is joined by Lisa Scales, CEO of the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank and Ken Regal, Executive Director of Just Harvest to discuss the issue of food insecurity in our region and what their organizations, with the help of the community, are doing to help fight hunger.

Original airdate: Dec 17, 2014

This episode of 4802 starts with discussion about the local and national use of body cameras by police officers. We’ll also cover reports of torture by the CIA and the Rolling Stone report on sexual assault at UVA as well as a rate hike for parking and an episode of “Undercover Boss” featuring Mayor Peduto.

Original airdate: Dec 12, 2014

Discover how a dog helps add cheer to a Pittsburgh Homeless Shelter and learn about a new competition at the University of Pittsburgh which aims for solutions to health issues. Then, we’ll explore a McMurray man’s mining memorabilia before going into the studio with the minds behind The Saturday Light Brigade.

Original airdate: Dec 11, 2014

Jeremy Waldrup, President of the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership and Visit Pittsburgh CEO Craig Davis join our host Michael Bartley to discuss the business of promoting Pittsburgh.

Original airdate: Dec 10, 2014