Michael Bartley talks to Peoples Natural Gas CEO Morgan O’Brien.

Original airdate: Mar 16, 2015

In this episode of 4802, we’ll discuss the Democrats' endorsement for Allegheny County Controller Twanda Carlisle’s run for City Council, along with the panel’s views on taxing non-profits. We’ll also talk about the metal detectors coming to PNC Park and a Republican Senator's letter to Iran.

Original airdate: Mar 13, 2015

Michael Bartley talks to Peoples Natural Gas CEO Morgan O’Brien.

Original airdate: Mar 11, 2015

On this episode of 4802, Chris Moore and our panel discuss Governor Wolf’s budget plan, Obamacare and the Supreme Court along with a report on minority employment in Pittsburgh. They also discuss the movement against “helicopter parents”.

Original airdate: Mar 06, 2015

On this episode of 4802, we’ll discuss liquor privatization in Pennsylvania, the FCC’s net neutrality plan and an unflattering national ranking for Woodland Hills School District. Also, positive reviews for Pittsburgh Public Schools, more on ISIS and Jihadi John and funding for the Department of Homeland Security.

Original airdate: Feb 27, 2015

We focus on the contributions of African Americans to our history and our future. Find out what people in the region are doing to celebrate the work of playwright August Wilson, then learn more about those who marched for their right to vote. We’ll meet a man who crossed racial lines in sports in 1950 and how he’s making a difference in Pittsburgh today before getting a look at an exhibit at the City-County Building aimed at honoring those who are paving the way for future generations.

Original airdate: Feb 26, 2015

On this episode of 4802, we’ll discuss the “no fraternization” policy being considered in the Plum School District. We’ll also talk about the CMU acceptance letters sent out by mistake along with a program that would offer free training in welding to those who turn in guns. Plus Governor Wolf’s freeze on executions, Rudy Guliani’s statement that President Obama doesn’t love America, and deer culling in Mt. Lebanon.

Original airdate: Feb 20, 2015

In this episode, we focus on artists. First, we’ll meet a man who is using his passion for art to pay tribute to his hometown of Braddock. Then we’ll hear the soulful sound of local singer and songwriter Bridgette Perdue before getting a lesson in improvisational dance from Gia Cacalano.
We'll introduce you to this gifted dancer who now heads not one but two local dance companies.

Original airdate: Feb 19, 2015

Michael Bartley is joined by two playwrights to talk about their work and their relationship with their mentor, the late great Pittsburgh playwright August Wilson.

Original airdate: Feb 18, 2015

On this episode of 4802, we’ll discuss the measures being taken after the shooting at Monroeville Mall, what’s delaying the implementation of body cameras by the City of Pittsburgh Police and whether or not video poker should be legalized in PA. We’ll also talk about the FBI Director’s comments on race and police, the suspension of Brian Williams and more bad news for Bill Cosby.

Original airdate: Feb 13, 2015