A Seattle CEO cuts his own pay to give a boost to his employees while living wage protests take place across the country. Locally, Governor Wolf takes on UPMC for its low pay. Should Pittsburgh bars stay open until 4 a.m.? That’s exactly what one lawmaker is proposing. Also, as the Walter Scott shooting makes its way around the internet and news programs, media outlets are now being told that they must pay for the footage.

Original airdate: Apr 17, 2015

We celebrate 45 years of dance and history with the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre and travel back to the 50’s to do some duck pin bowling. We’ll also join the Bricolage Production Company for their 10th installment of Bricolage Urban Scrawl before meeting a young African American man who is looking to make his mark in the world of dance by starting his own dance company.

Original airdate: Apr 16, 2015

Host Michael Bartley is joined by U.S. Attorney David Hickton.

Original airdate: Apr 15, 2015

The on going battle between UPMC and Highmark is causing concerns for area senior citizens.Questions about recent resignations and the firing of a top staffer at PA Attorney General Kathleen Kane's office.Reaction to the South Carolina police officer's shooting of a man as he ran away from the officer. The incident caught on cell phone video disputed the officer's explanation of what led up to the fatal shooting.Will changes be made at Rolling Stone Magazine after the scathing report about the lack of journalistic integrity regarding the report of an alleged rape at the UVA campus?

Original airdate: Apr 10, 2015

Hosted by Tonia Caruso, this half-hour discussion program will take an in-depth look at the importance of hands-on learning, problem solving, collaboration, and STEAM learning, an approach that incorporates science, technology, engineering, and math with the arts - for a broader, more holistic education.

Original airdate: Apr 09, 2015

Howard "Hoddy" Hanna joins Michael Bartley for a conversation on how he's made Howard Hanna Realty into one of the largest realty companies in the country and how he continues to make a philanthropic mark on his hometown of Pittsburgh.

Original airdate: Apr 08, 2015

The animal kingdom is the focus of this episode. We’ll introduce you to a doctor at the National Aviary who is using human medical techniques to develop treatments for birds, a veterinarian who’s made a safe haven for big cats and a group of volunteers who have made looking after the regions feral cat population their mission.

Original airdate: Apr 02, 2015

Pittsburgh artist Elizabeth Black sketched hundreds of soldiers during World War II. This sequel to the documentary "Portraits for the Home Front" chronicles WQED's efforts to find homes for 100 of those sketches. Through detective work and the help of volunteer researchers producer David Solomon tracks down soldiers or their survivors from Philadelphia to San Francisco.

Original airdate: Mar 26, 2015

In this episode we bring you stories of organ donors and the people whose lives they saved. First, the story of a young man whose tragic passing saved the life of five others. Then a story on the need for African American bone marrow donors, followed by the efforts by a group of Transplant Guardian Angels at UPMC who help ease the anxiety of transplant patients and their families.

Original airdate: Mar 19, 2015

Archabbot Douglas Nowicki talks to Michael Bartley about his work as the 11th Archabbot of Saint Vincent Archabbey and Pope Francis' visit to Pennsylvania.

Original airdate: Mar 18, 2015