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Information Security

Get a glimpse of information security from the National Cyber Forensics Training Alliance.

Electrical Workers

Learn about the career path of an electrician, and what the training may entail.


Visit HEBI Robotics to take a look at the basics of the fast-growing robotics industry.

Protective Coating

Hear why applying protective coating is a career that's in high demand.


Visit PITT's Manufacturing Assistance Center to learn about opportunities in manufacturing


Get a glimpse into the field of iron working and why it's an in-demand job.


Visit Pitt Ohio Trucking to hear from employees on various jobs in the trucking industry.

Media Arts

See how computer programming, art and animation come together to create games and more.

PNC PartnerUp

This program aims to invest in talent, fill entry level jobs and the skills gap.

Data Analytics

Where and how exactly might sports and technology intersect for an exciting career?

Physical Therapy

Learn about physical therapy help ease pain and improve movement through exercise.


We visit Ellwood Quality Steels to learn about the process of manufacturing steel.

Autonomous Vehicles

Learn about career paths, and meet a software engineer who explains simulation.

Aviation Technician

There are many facets to being an aircraft mechanic, and demand is on the rise.

Materials and Mechanical Engineers

Microstructure design and manufacturing simulation are both important parts of engineering

Direct Support Professional

Hear from Direct Care Service employees on the compassion they have for their job.

Code Developer

Hear from a student & instructor from a coding bootcamp on the role of code developers.

Environmental Scientist

Environmental scientists tackle issues relating to the earth and man's impact on it.

Civil Engineer

Civil engineering jobs showing some of the highest growth in construction.

Heavy Equipment Operator

Meet a heavy equipment operator apprentice who talks about her decision to work in a trade

Community Development Market Manager

How can working at a bank help to build and improve our neighborhoods?

HVAC-R Technician

Learn more about the industry of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration.

Prototype Machinist

Machinists are a critical part of the new engineering design process by creating parts.

Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts is a profession growing at a higher rate than many other fields.


The importance of marketing jobs continues to increase in our digital world.

Fitness Trainer

Employment of fitness trainers is projected to increase by 39% over the next ten years.

On the Job: UPS

Part of the workforce is just starting as many people enjoy their evening or a good sleep.

Spectroscopy: Forensic Lab Technician

Have you ever wondered how an unknown material found at a crime scene is identified?


Barbering can be a great career field for those looking to own their own business.

Shipping and Receiving Clerk

Ever wonder who keeps track of inventory levels, handles all aspects of supplies?

Equine Veterinarian

A doctor of equine medicine is a horse veterinarian.

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