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The Doomsday Glacier Is Collapsing…Who Is Most at Risk?

If Thwaites Glacier melts it could rise sea levels by 2 feet which can have dire effects.

This Is the Safest Place to Live as the Climate Changes

We look at the effect of climate on future migration patterns in the US.

Is Earth’s Greatest Threat...The Sun?

We learn how solar weather can affect the grid and what we can do to prepare.

Is This the Real Reason Weather is Getting Wilder?

We learn why our weather is spiraling out of control and what might be in store.

Could The Next Blackout Be More Deadly Than Katrina?

Could a power grid failure during an extreme weather event be the most deadly weather?

How Volcanic Lightning Is Making the World a Safer Place

We learn how using volcano eruptions can be used to detect other natural phenomena.

Surprising Truth Behind Planting Trees and Climate Change

We can learn about forest carbon sinks and the groundbreaking research in sequestration.

World Record Hail: Water Droplet To Wrecking Ball

We learn how hail is formed and the damage they can cause.

Is The Dust Bowl Happening Again?

We explore the growing threat of dust storms.

About Weathered

Natural disasters and extreme weather can happen without warning. And with the impacts of climate change, more Americans than ever are at risk. Weathered will highlight real stories from people affected by natural disasters across the country and explain how families and communities can be prepared.

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