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The Rising Toll of Floods

We explore cost-effective solutions that you can take to harden your home.

The Cascadia Earthquake: America’s Worst Disaster?

What can we expect when the “Big One” does hit?

Disaster Preparedness 101

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that we are ALL vulnerable to natural disasters.

Catastrophic Landslide in California

One of the most devastating landslides in US history struck the town of Montecito, CA.

The Worst Drought in 1200 Years

The Colorado Basin is currently experiencing its worst drought in 1200 years!

Can We Learn From 2020's Record-Breaking Hurricane Season?

Hurricanes are the most powerful and destructive storms on the planet.

We Can't Stop Wildfires—But Here's How We Live With Them

We look to design solutions and indigenous knowledge to become safer from wildfires.

About Weathered

Natural disasters and extreme weather can happen without warning. And with the impacts of climate change, more Americans than ever are at risk. Weathered will highlight real stories from people affected by natural disasters across the country and explain how families and communities can be prepared.

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