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Washington Week full episode for Sept. 13, 2019

Recapping the September Democratic debate.

Washington Week full episode for Sept. 6, 2019

What will the fall priorities be for Congress?

Washington Week full episode for August 30, 2019

Battle over the border war, latest updates on the 2020 presidential race.

FULL EPISODE: Stock market tumbles, Trump vs. the 'squad'

Stock market tumbles, culture wars heat up.

FULL EPISODE: Mass shootings in America

Thirty-one people were killed in two mass shootings last weekend.

FULL EPISODE: Recapping the recent Democratic debates

Democrats debate the future of the party.

FULL EPISODE: What did we learn from Mueller's testimony?

Discussing the former special counsel's recent testimony on Capitol Hill.

FULL EPISODE: President Donald Trump vs. the "squad"

President Trump renews attacks against four Congresswomen.

FULL EPISODE: Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta resigns

Acosta criticized over Jeffrey Epstein plea deal.

FULL EPISODE: Census and citizenship

President Donald Trump again takes on immigration, Census questions remain unanswered.

Border crisis jolts Congress, recapping Democratic debates

Plus, President Trump attends the G20 summit.

Tensions with Iran rise, latest updates in 2020 race

President Trump calls recent Iran drone shooting a "big mistake."

Tensions between the United States and Iran rise

Get analysis on this week's top headlines.

Recapping President Donald Trump's trip to Europe

While there, he commemorated the 75th anniversary of D-Day.

Special counsel Robert Mueller speaks out

Special counsel Robert Mueller spoke out to defend his team's work.

Merit-based immigration, abortion in America

New immigration plan, trade negotiations.

Fallout from the Mueller report continues

Some Democratic leaders declare that the country is in a "constitutional crisis."

Attorney General William Barr under fire

Congressional confrontation.

Analyzing the Mueller report

The Mueller report is released.

Border battle, fallout from the Mueller report continues

President Trump walks back threat to close border.

Fallout from the Mueller probe continues

AG Barr says no Trump-Russia collusion.

FULL EPISODE: GOP bucks President Trump

Plus, other challenges home and abroad.

FULL EPISODE: Trump on defense, Democrats in damage control

Investigations into President Trump, House votes against hate.

FULL EPISODE: Trump’s challenges at home and abroad

High expectations and explosive allegations.

FULL EPISODE: The latest developments in the Mueller report

Special counsel could hand in report next week.

FULL EPISODE: A new border wall battle

President Trump averts another government shutdown, declares national emergency.

FULL EPISODE: Compromise in this divided government

Congressional investigations and the border battle.

FULL EPISODE: A war of words over intelligence

President Trump downplays disagreements over intelligence.

FULL EPISODE: A short-term shutdown fix

Plus, the latest developments in the Russia probe.

FULL EPISODE: Mueller’s office disputes explosive report

Government shutdown has no end in sight as challenges mount for Trump administration.

FULL EPISODE: New year, new Congress, same shutdown

Power shifts as the government remains shutdown.

FULL EPISODE: Government shutdown and a look ahead to 2019

Government shutdown continues over border wall.

FULL EPISODE: Congress on the brink

White House shakeups and Capitol Hill chaos.

FULL EPISODE: Legal dilemmas and a shutdown showdown

Are we headed toward a partial government shutdown?

FULL EPISODE: Russia probe developments follow Trump abroad

The latest developments in the Mueller probe.

FULL EPISODE: Looking ahead to the 116th Congress

A divided Congress in the age of President Trump.

FULL EPISODE: Post-election turmoil in Washington

What’s next for the Russia probe?

FULL EPISODE: A shakeup at the Department of Justice

An Attorney General shakeup, Democrats rising, and Washington divided.

FULL EPISODE: Tragedy in Pittsburgh

President Trump’s final midterm push.

FULL EPISODE: Suspicious packages put the nation on edge

Terror by mail and fear on the campaign trail.

FULL EPISODE: What happened to Jamal Khashoggi?

An international mystery over a missing American-based journalist.

FULL EPISODE: Brett Kavanaugh's SCOTUS nomination

Brett Kavanaugh's SCOTUS journey.

FULL EPISODE: A historic Supreme Court Showdown

A dramatic twist for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

FULL EPISODE: Judge Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court battle

What is the status of Brett Kavanaugh's SCOTUS nomination?

FULL EPISODE: “Fear” inside the Trump White House

Is the Trump administration on the brink of a nervous breakdown?

FULL EPISODE: A pivotal week of the Trump presidency

President Donald Trump’s Turmoil.

FULL EPISODE: A legal storm looms over President Trump

Staff shake ups, legal turmoil and the Russia Probe.

FULL EPISODE: Is Donald Trump's presidency in peril?

The legal and political dilemmas facing the Trump administration.

President Trump at war with his critics

Former CIA director's security clearance revoked.

What's really at stake in the upcoming midterm elections?

A nail biter in Ohio has Republicans on edge.

The Trump administration clashes over the Russia Probe

The latest updates in the Russia probe.

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