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Clip: Episode 3 | The 9th Party Plenum

In Hanoi, two North Vietnamese factions disagree about how best to proceed in the war.

Clip: Episode 3 | Binh Gia

North Vietnamese forces ambush South Vietnamese Marines responding to a downed helicopter.

Clip: Episode 3 | Early Antiwar Movement

An antiwar movement begins to grow as Americans learn of the conflict in Vietnam.

Clip: Episode 3 | Ia Drang

Soldiers discuss the psychological shock of witnessing death on the battlefield.

Clip: Episode 3 | Vietnam's Beauty

A Marine discusses his surprise in discovering the beauty of the Vietnamese landscape.

Clip: Episode 3 | What is Vietnam Worth to Me?

In a taped conversation, President Johnson expresses concern about the war in Vietnam.

More Episodes

Resolve (January 1966-June 1967)

US soldiers discover Vietnam is unlike their fathers’ war, as the antiwar movement grows.

This Is What We Do (July 1967-December 1967)

President Johnson escalates the war while promising the public that victory is in sight.

Things Fall Apart (January 1968-July 1968)

Shaken by the Tet Offensive, assassinations and unrest, America seems to be coming apart.

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