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US Bill to Save Refugee Children Hits Wall of Anti-Semitism

An attempt to save refugee children in the US hits antisemitism "so deep and so cruel."

Charles Lindbergh & The America First Committee

Founded by a handful of students, it became the largest anti-war group in US history.

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En Español: “Anhelando Poder Respirar en Libertad”

En la guerra, algunos estadounidenses ayudan a los refugiados; otros son indiferentes.

“The Homeless, Tempest-Tossed” (1942 - )

As the Allies liberate German camps, the public sees the sheer scale of the Holocaust.

En Español: "Los Destituidos, Abrumados por Adversidades”

Los Aliados liberan los campos Alemanes y el público ve la magnitud del Holocausto.

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