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The Gradual Rise of Nazi Germany

Lives turned upside down when Nazis came to power. But changes didn’t happen overnight.

The American Press in Germany

It wasn’t easy for journalists to report what was happening in Nazi Germany in the 1930s.

The Rise of Eugenics in America

By the early 1900s, many white Americans embraced a pseudo-science called eugenics.

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“Yearning to Breathe Free” (1938-1942)

As war begins, some Americans work tirelessly to help refugees; others remain indifferent.

“The Homeless, Tempest-Tossed” (1942 - )

As the Allies liberate German camps, the public sees the sheer scale of the Holocaust.

The Holocaust and Authoritarianism Today

Filmmakers and special guests explore themes from the U.S. and the Holocaust.

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