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Unions Are Trending...and ENDING?

Unions seem to be having a bit of a moment. So are unions finally having a comeback?

Is Your Money Safe in a Bank?

How do you protect your hard earned money from a bank failure?

Should I Lease a Car?

Nothing costs so much yet loses value so fast as a car.

Should You Avoid HOAs?

HOA’s can sound good, but can they restrict your way of life?

How Expensive Is It to Be an Immigrant?

Why are there so many unexpected costs for people who immigrate to the US?

How Money Created Math

Math can feel very theoretical and confusing, but do you know how Money created Math?

Are Home Improvements a Good Investment?

What sort of Home improvements really give you the most bang for your buck?

Are Buy Now Pay Later Loans a Good Idea?

Are Buy Now, Pay Later loans too good to be true? That’s because they are.

The Hidden Costs of Fast Fashion!

What is the environmental impact of fast fashion and why are there so many hidden costs!

The Secret Tax Hiding in Plain Sight!

You're paying a secret tax every year... not just to the government.

Where Have All The Servers Gone?

And are QR codes and robot servers the solution?

If You Thought This Inflation Was Bad

Could history repeat itself?

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