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The Open Cage

Paula Garcia’s return home is fraught with mystery.

Shadow of Doubt

Paula tries to keep her family and the police from suspecting anything.

Living in Fear

Lalo is arrested, and the press publicizes Paula’s past.

Family Secrets

Eguia and Costa find Baranov, but it goes badly.

Run, Sara, Run

Ricardo threatens Paula, and Paula learns that Teresa is dead.

Playing with Fire

Lidia learns Enrique is terminally ill. Fernando confronts Paula.

Red Lines

Ricardo’s phone links Paula to the Russian mafia and the death of a diplomat.

Sara, Sarita, Babe

Fernando confesses to Lidia the truth about what happened to their daughter.


Paula’s fake identity begins to crumble.

Wild Wind

Eguia learns that Lidia, Fernando and Enrique all know the girl is not Paula.

Goodbye, Irina

Irina arrives in Santander – but Paula does not help her.

Sara Loves You

Paula falls into Irina’s trap.

Deeper and Deeper

Enrique reveals he has cancer. Group 9 from Madrid arrests Eguia.

Never Again

Sanchez kidnaps Paula, and the family secretly mourn Enrique.

The Way, the Lie and the Life

Fernando kills Cirilo as Lalo gets closer to finding where Paula is buried.

Wishes that Come True

Fernando tells Lidia the whole truth, and a struggle ensues.

About Truth (La Verdad)

A young woman appears in a coastal city claiming to be a girl who went missing a decade earlier, but her account leaves many questions unanswered. From Walter Presents, in Spanish with English subtitles.

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