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Episode 1

Florian wakes up in in the body of renowned BAIT detective Sylvian Bernard.

Episode 2

Liza, a 12-year-old transfer who’s just killed her parents, knows who Florian really is.

Episode 3

A concert pianist pays to get a new body; Sylvain's son must find her one.

Episode 4

The church is a body-trafficking front, brainwashing people and auctioning their bodies.

Episode 5

Beatrice discovers Sylvain's secrets; Mr Syrmay looks for eternal life.

Episode 6

Woyzeck finds out who killed his family and is set on revenge.

About Transfers

In a near future, scientists can keep a person alive by transferring their mind into another body. A procedure once used for medical purposes, transfers were soon outlawed. This is the world Florian Bassot wakes up to after five years in a coma. From Walter Presents, in French with English subtitles.

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