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Episode 1

Emily and Teddy cross paths as they look, for different reasons, for a kidnapped boy.

Episode 2

Emily and Teddy are hurt by the intruders in Philip’s Sodertalje apartment.

Episode 3

Emily and Teddy only have two more days to find Philip and his kidnapper.

Episode 4

Teddy wants to start over more than ever.

Episode 5

Teddy and Emily finally rescue Philip and Emily prepares to make the deal of a lifetime.

Episode 6

The kidnapper is revealed, but their problems have only just started.

Episode 7

Emily and Teddy go to Mallorca to look for Kum’s daughter, who has been hiding Mats.

Episode 8

Emily realizes that the firm she sold her soul to doesn’t just push legal boundaries.

About Top Dog

Two worlds collide, creating an extremely odd couple--the lawyer Emily and recently released convict Teddy. She wants to secure her future. He wants to leave his old life behind. When the past catches up to them and dreams for the future are destroyed, they must count on each other to get out alive. From Walter Presents, in Swedish with English subtitles.

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