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Misogyny & Shootings; Dartmouth Sexual Assault Settlement

The link between mass shootings & hatred of women. Dartmouth pays out $14 million

Competence Stereotypes; 2nd Primary Debates; Adultification

Stereotypes of women in the workplace, presidential race, and bias against black girls.

Women Thought Leaders: Service Women & Women Veterans Caucus

A bipartisan effort to protect women who serve.

Trump vs. The Squad; The Rise and Risks of E-Cigarettes

Trump's attacks on Ilhan Omar, and the dangers of vaping.

Acosta’s Resignation; Equal Pay; Democratic Division

Labor Secretary resigns, US Soccer, & Pelosi vs. progressives?

Woman Thought Leader: Linda Greenhouse

What is the future of Roe V. Wade?

First Democratic Debate & Women vs. Cable News

We discuss female candidates and whether our media has gotten too combative

Woman Thought Leader: Aimee Allison

She The People's Aimee Allison on the 2020 election.

Women's Issues in 2020; Peace & Security; Men & Feminism

Primary preview on women's issues, new peace & security initiative, and Alexander De Croo

Woman Thought Leader: Carly Fiorina

Interview with former Republican presidential candidate

Abortion Laws & Immigration Priorities

The future of Roe v. Wade in America and Trump's new immigration proposal

2020 Gender Bias; Moms & Housework; Traveling Solo

Possible bias against women, surprising new study, and risks of travel

Women Thought Leaders: April Ryan

What is it like covering Donald Trump?

Free Speech in the Internet Age

How has the internet changed the exercise of the First Amendment?

Dershowitz Accusations; SPLC Controversy; HIV in Africa

Accusations against Alan Dershowitz, the controversy surrounding SPLC, Global Gag Rule

Digital Privacy; Joe Biden; Marriage Fundamentalism

Being a woman online, Biden's polling numbers, and the traditional family.

Woman Thought Leader: Inez Stepman

America's education system.

Plans to Help Families & Girls in the Boy Scouts

We look at various plans and we talk to the girl trying to become the first Eagle Scout

Hollywood and #MeToo; How Women Won the Vote

The latest scandal in the acting world, plus the suffragists' struggle in Tennessee.

Reps. Kim Schrier (D-WA) and Susan Wild (D-PA)

Meet "freshwomen" Representative Kim Schrier (D-WA) and Representative Susan Wild (D-PA).

About To The Contrary

With women in the forefront of politics and on the cutting edge of national agendas, To the Contrary with Bonnie Erbe continues to provide an important, timely forum for diverse women to discuss national and international issues and policies. It presents news and views that are rarely, if ever, available elsewhere on television.

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