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Episode 1

Sira is a dressmaker dating a nice guy until she meets Ramiro.

Episode 2

Ramiro and Sira arrive in Tangier and discover an exotic world of luxury.

Episode 3

Vazquez takes Sira to stay with Candelaria, an eccentric woman.

Episode 4

Sira opens an exclusive shop in Tetouan.

Episode 5

Sira and Jamila work together to make a last-minute miracle.

Episode 6

Rosalinda gets a reporter to help her mother escape.

Episode 7

Sira becomes attracted to Marcus; Rosalinda’s husband returns to her.

Episode 8

Sira and Marcus decide to steal the debt documents of one of the shop's customer's.

Episode 9

Sira meets the agent for the Madrid Secret Service who offers her a new identity.

Episode 10

Beigbeder tells Sira he’s been relieved of his duties.

Episode 11

Sira decides to help Paquita.

Episode 12

Mr. Da Silva plans to travel to Madrid for an exclusive dinner party.

Episode 13

Da Silva wants to see Sira before he leaves for Madrid.

Episode 14

Sira finds out that Manuel is dealing with the Germans.

Episode 15

Sira and Rosalinda come up with a plan to warn Marcus.

Episode 16

As Sira compiles her information, Rosalinda stops by the hotel with startling news.

Episode 17

Sira visits Hilgarth to tell him about the tungsten mines.

About The Time in Between (El Tiempo Entre Costuras)

Follow the life of a young seamstress who, in the months leading up to the Spanish Civil War, abandons Madrid in order to follow the man she loves to Tangier. But things there do not turn out as she had planned, and she is forced to take charge of her life. From Walter Presents, in Spanish with English subtitles.

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