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Episode 1

When a body is found by the side of a lake, a dark and twisted investigation begins.

Episode 2

Miya questions a refugee who confirms that Karakehayov helped him cross the border.

Episode 3

With two dead bodies, Miya is starting to see a connection: religious symbolism.

Episode 4

Believing that others are in danger, Philip brings Miya back onto the case.

Episode 5

To get her locket back, Diana agrees to go into the Devil’s Throat with Lazar.

Episode 6

The morgue finds that the body’s tongue was cut off after death.

Episode 7

Miya’s accusation of Asen causes her team to turn their backs.

Episode 8

A dramatic night ends with Lazar in custody, questioned by Miya, and Diane in tears.

Episode 9

Dimitar is kidnapped by a man claiming to be the serial killer, but Miya is not convinced.

Episode 10

Philip questions his father’s relationship to Deniz.

Episode 11

In shock, Philip decides to withdraw from the case because of his conflict of interest.

Episode 12

Dimitar is in grave danger.

About The Devil’s Throat

In a sleepy town in the Balkan mountains, where the legendary Devil’s Throat cave was Orpheus’ gate to the Realm of the Dead, a criminal profiler and an ambitious local detective investigate a series of mysterious crimes. The evidence gradually leads them to a horrific secret that will turn their lives upside down. From Walter Presents, in Bulgarian with English subtitles.

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