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Goodbye, Love

When the plane her husband was meant to be on crashes, Lucia’s life unravels.


Lucia sets out to uncover the terrible secret her husband was keeping.


Lucia begins to suspect that Jose's disappearance is more than simple infidelity.

The Birthday

Life seems to be returning to normal, then Jose receives a secret livestream of his wife.

The Slaughter

Lucia’s suspicions return when she finds a piece of jewelry on Jose’s sweater.


Lucia begins to drink to cope with her heartache, with life-threatening consequences.


After saving her life, Maria goes to visit Lucia in the hospital.

The Delivery

Imprisoned and desperate, Jose finally confesses everything to Juan.

Bad Times

Maria and Juan try to intercept the truckers and find a bloodbath.

The Trap

Ramon asks Lucia to bug Joao's farm so that they can monitor his activity.

The Gift

Though still unable to speak, Nico is recovering--making Jose and Maria desperate.

The Invitation

Jose confronts Joao after receiving Lucas's head in a box.


Lula searches for evidence of Maria’s betrayal. Lucia’s subterfuge put her in danger.

An Angel in Hell

Samuel remains in danger until Jose completes his deal with the Colombians.

Jose’s Decision

Joao orders Jose to kill Maria in exchange for Samuel's safe return. Ramon is played.

The Arrest

Jose is arrested, suspected of killing Maria in a hotel room.

The Rain

Lucia and Jose take Samuel and plan to go into witness protection. Joao won't let them go.

About The Accident

An airplane crash becomes the catalyst for a family’s upheaval, a drug kingpin’s escalation, and a town’s reckoning. From Walter Presents, in Spanish with English subtitles.

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