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How The Exorcist Changed the Sound of Horror

Why do so many horror film scores today sound similar to The Exorcist from 1973?

Pitch Shifting in Music: From Chipmunks to Kanye

Have you heard the conspiracy theory that Nicki Minaj songs are just Jay-Z pitched up?

The Metal Scream: From Nordic Vikings to Black Sabbath

The origin of screaming in music goes back to the Nordic Vikings.

Music from the Golden Ratio and Fibonacci Sequence

Music from the Golden Ratio and Fibonacci Sequence

How Trap Music Took Over

Gucci Mane and T.I. both claim to be the creators of trap music, but are they?

Why Does Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel” Sound So Sad?

Someone grab the tissues. What is it about a sad song that makes it sound sad?

How James Brown Invented Funk

Get on up! What is it about James Brown's music that makes it sound so funky?

About Sound Field

LA Buckner and Nahre Sol are accomplished musicians and music teachers exploring the music theory, production, history and culture behind our favorite songs and musical styles.

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