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Nahre Sol: How I Became a Classical Pianist and Youtuber

Nahre Sol is known worldwide as a classically trained pianist and composer.

How To Make a Living as a Drummer with LA Buckner

LA Buckner is a host of Sound Field but also a professional drummer, producer, & teacher.

What It's Like Busking in the NYC Subway

Nahre Sol visits the amazing musicians of the NYC subway to learn about why they busk.

Wait... Where Did Dubstep Go?

Dubstep became a viral sensation, but at the height of its popularity it vanished.

Why K-Pop Is More Complex Than You Think

Nahre Sol investigates why K-Pop is different from other styles of Pop music.

Where is the Funk? How Prince Created the Minneapolis Sound

The electro-funk style known as Minneapolis Sound took over pop music in the 80s & 90s.

Bachata: Why You’re Hearing This Dominican Rhythm Everywhere

Bachata music has blown up internationally.

Why Don't Classical Musicians Improvise?

Today, classical musicians rarely improvise. So what changed?

What Makes Black Gospel Musicians So Skilled?

The black church is a musical bootcamp.

Is Blues the Mother of All Modern Music?

We explore where the blues came from and its influence on many modern genres of music.

What Does Electric Pow Wow Sound Like?

A Tribe Called Red combine Native American drum circle sounds with electronic music.

How to Get a 10/10 on The Needle Drop

How to Get a 10/10 on The Needle Drop

What Do Billboard Hit Songs Have in Common?

Every song in the Billboard top five from the last two years has some interesting trends.

It's Time to Rethink the Banjo

The banjo was, at one time, the most popular instrument in America.

Where did Goth Music and Fashion Come From?

Today goth is a subculture popularized by movies like the Addams Family or the fashion of

Are Three 6 Mafia the Godfathers of Modern Rap?

Three 6 Mafia created the building blocks for the trap sound.

Ballroom: The Sound of NYC’s Underground Vogue Scene

Ballroom: The Sound of NYC’s Underground Vogue Scene

How Classical, R&B, and Jazz Musicians Play Differently

Adam Neely joined LA and Nahre in the studio for an improvised jam session.

The Magic Formula Behind Disney Music

The Magic Formula Behind Disney Music

What Is the Spotify Sound?

What Is the Spotify Sound?

From Mozart to Weird Al: The Evolution of Parody

The history of parody music from the 1700's to the Youtube parodies of today.

How Kacey Musgraves Changed Country With "Golden Hour"

How Kacey Musgraves Changed Country With "Golden Hour"

How The Exorcist Changed the Sound of Horror

Why do so many horror film scores today sound similar to The Exorcist from 1973?

Pitch Shifting in Music: From Chipmunks to Kanye

Have you heard the conspiracy theory that Nicki Minaj songs are just Jay-Z pitched up?

Is This Even Music? John Cage, Schoenberg and Outsider Artis

What is music? From John Cage to Legendary Stardust Cowboy.

The Metal Scream: From Nordic Vikings to Black Sabbath

The origin of screaming in music goes back to the Nordic Vikings.

Music from the Golden Ratio and Fibonacci Sequence

Music from the Golden Ratio and Fibonacci Sequence

How Trap Music Took Over

Gucci Mane and T.I. both claim to be the creators of trap music, but are they?

Why Does Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel” Sound So Sad?

Someone grab the tissues. What is it about a sad song that makes it sound sad?

How James Brown Invented Funk

Get on up! What is it about James Brown's music that makes it sound so funky?

About Sound Field

LA Buckner and Nahre Sol are accomplished musicians and music teachers exploring the music theory, production, history and culture behind our favorite songs and musical styles.

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