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Episode 1

Marco is an undercover agent, looking to take down a Calabrian crime family.

Episode 2

The head of one mafia family has died. The heir looks to gain more power by waging a war.

Episode 3

A corrupt cop tries to tell the Coronas that Marco snitched on them.

Episode 4

The Corona's trust in Marco is dwindling. They ask him to prove his faith to the family.

Episode 5

When Agata runs away, Marco goes after her and they both get caught in the crossfire.

Episode 6

The day of the wedding has come, but how long will the brokered peace last?

Episode 7

When Barbara gets shot, the police want to stop the operation. Marco has other plans.

Episode 8

Marco tries to get Agata to safety but finds out he is being set up.

About Solo

Marco is an undercover agent, codename “Solo,” on a mission to disrupt business for the Calabrian crime families. He quickly learns that surviving even a single day in Calabria is not a foregone conclusion in this story of drugs, corruption, deceit and murder. From Walter Presents, in Italian with English subtitles.

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