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Episode 1

Former gangster Blacha has no choice but to ask retired policeman Sikora for help.

Episode 2

Blacha has issues at work. The murder accusation was on a prelude to his troubles.

Episode 3

Blacha becomes the main suspect.

Episode 4

Blacha is arrested as he has an alibi he can’t reveal.

Episode 5

Blacha and Sikora think that Mnich is guilty and are looking for a way to prove it.

Episode 6

The prosecutor is still convinced that Mnich isn't the former gangsters’ murderer.

Episode 7

Daniel tells Kaska the truth, and she doesn’t know what to do.

Episode 8

No one knows when the killer will attack again.

About Sins of the Fathers

Former gangster Blacha and retired policeman Sikora must deal with unresolved events from their past. Do children have to pay for their fathers’ sins? From Walter Presents, in Polish with English subtitles.

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