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Episode 1

The people of Castel Marciano are looking for a missing teenage girl.

Episode 2

The arrival of an outside investigator complicates the search for Laura’s killer.

Episode 3

Andrea's son Matteo has become a prime suspect.

Episode 4

Andrea is torn between being an officer and a father. Luisa’s dark past torments her.

Episode 5

Can Franco convince Anna to leave with him before the police make their case?

Episode 6

More help arrives from out of town. Police suspect the local priest of murder.

Episode 7

Matteo attacks the priest when a video of Laura is found on his laptop.

Episode 8

The twisted truth is finally out.

About The Silence of Water

When tragedy strikes a tiny town by the sea, investigator Luisa Ferrari is sent in to assist the locals. Beneath the surface, idyllic Castel Marciano is seething with secrets. From Walter Presents, in Italian with English subtitles.

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