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Jupiter in a Jar in HD

Create a realistic looking Jupiter with a jar, milk, dish soap, and food coloring.

Ghostbusters "Surge Protector" Trap

Use some prop-building expertise to build this cool modified surge protector.

Giant Bubble Reflections in HD

Get mesmerized with giant bubble reflections.

DIY Game of Thrones "Ice Wall"

With styrofoam and the right lighting, this massive prop can be recreated anywhere.

Close Encounters of the Drone Kind

Creating eerie sci-fi lighting with a new DJI Phantom drone.

Hurricane Balls in HD

The wonders of angular momentum!

How to use a Split Focus Diopter

A split focus diopter is an unique way to achieve the illusion of deep focus.

How to create Water Illusions

With the right camera and perfect timing, these water illusions appear out of thin air.

How to create Star Wars Lightsaber sound effects

We've done the lightsaber video, now let's tackle the sound.

Creating the original Star Wars lightsaber effect

Go back in time to 1977 and learn how the lightsaber was first created.

How to create a Mini Tornado

Learn how to create a water vortex.

Creating the Stargate Portal

We recreate the classic effect from the 1994 film, Stargate.

How to make Dry Ice Comets

Follow-up to our "Creating Dry Ice Comets" episode.

Creating Dry Ice Comets in 4K

A main ingredient to a comets core is dry ice.

How to Turn a Stroller Into a Dolly

If it has wheels, there's a pretty good chance I'm going try and make a dolly out of it.

Recreating the Aurora Borealis

We attempt to create the Aurora Borealis with a sheet of fabric and a handful of fans.

Petri Dish Planets

I attempt to make planets with food coloring , milk, and dish soap.

Hologram Thriller

After finding this skeleton animation I had a few ideas...

Stop-Motion Star Wars

Watch us try and recreate a shot of the Millennium Falcon.

Creating the Cosmos: In-Depth Look

An in-depth look at Creating the Cosmos.

Rebuilding the Interstellar Black Hole

Watch us rebuild the INTERSTELLAR black hole.

Back to the Future: Compositing Techniques

Our third installment brings everything together in post-production.

Back to the Future: Forced Perspective

In our second Back to the Future installment, we tackle Forced Perspective.

Back to the Future: Stop Motion

I recreate effects from Back to the Future in this three-part series.

DIY Slow-Motion

Why do the people with the high speed Phantom camera get to have all the fun?

Flashlight Cinematography

I've always incorporated flashlights in my lighting arsenal.

Thrift Shop Gold

The Thrift Shop can be a magical place.

Sci-Fly: Creating a Short Film

SCI-FLY the sci-fi short film is the inspiration behind this web series.

Creating Warp Speed with LED lights

I replace the burning steel wool with LED lights to create a similar warp speed effect.

The Best of Shanks FX

Some highlights of the hit Webby Award winning series, Shanks FX.

3D Print Your Own Oscar!

3D scanning & printing are used to emulate one of the most iconic statuettes of our time.

Creating the Illusion of Space Flight

Joey Shanks recreates a spaceship flying through outer space via visual effects.

Front Screen Projection Tutuorial

Before Green Screen, there was Front Screen Projection. Joey Shanks walks us through it.

Film vs. Digital

Can you tell the difference between film and digital? Test yourself.

Creating the Cosmos: Special Effects

Filmmaker Joey Shanks reveal one of his most effective techniques, The Sheet of Glass.

Giant Bubble Explosions

Learn how to create your own giant bubble wand or just sit back and watch the magic.

Spiders in HD

Experience a creepy, crawly look at spiders originally in High Definition.

DRIVE Time-lapse Tribute

Joey Shanks shows off the time-lapse technique with a tribute to the 2011 movie, "Drive."

Star Trek Transporter Effect

Joey recreates the classic Star Trek transport effect using Christmas lights!

Ice Cream Time-lapse

Watch a magical time-lapse sequence perfect for summer and ice cream lovers!

Magnetic Putty Magic (Original Cut)

Let yourself be mesmerized by magnificent magnetic putty.

Light Painting Text & Titles

Create your own text and titles by using Joey Shanks' light painting technique.

Reverse Motion Effects

Joey Shanks teaches one of the most basic special effects: reverse motion.

Experience the SLAMDANCE Film Festival

Joey heads to the Slamdance Film Festival to premiere his short film, "Sci-Fly."

How to... Rescue Your Camera From a Tree

Join filmmaker Joey Shanks on his heroic quest to save his camera from the treetops...

Introduction to The GoPro

Filmmaker Joey Shanks tries out and reviews the new GoPro.

Wiggle Room: A Stop-Motion Film

Follow a slug around a vacant kitchen in this award-winning short film by Joey Shanks.

How to Create Stop-Motion Animation at Home

Joey teaches the popular stop-motion animation technique as seen in his film, Wiggle Room.

Creating Star Fields with Fiber Optics

Filmmaker Joey Shanks shows the basic process of creating a Star Field background.

Creating Hyperspace with Fiber Optic Lights

Filmmaker Joey Shanks uses Fiber Optic Lights to create the effect of hyperspace.

Creating a Rocket Ship with a Propane Nozzle

Create the effect of a rocket ship jetting through outer space with a propane nozzle.

How to Use a Blood Cannon

Turn an air compressor into a blood cannon for your gory horror film special effects!

Creating Planets with Dry Ice Bubbles

See how transforming packaged dry ice into bubble form can represent celestial bodies!

Creating Alien Atmospheres in a Fish Tank

Have you ever wondered how some of your favorite movies create alien atmospheres?

Creating Warp Speed with Steel Wool

Joey creates the hypnotizing visual effect of warp speed by setting steel wool on fire.

About Shanks FX

We create Hollywood effects with simple household products... and so can you.

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