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Burger Brawl: Plant Protein Vs Meat

We’re challenging some serious carnivores in the ultimate burger brawl.

Wine Time: Taste of Tannins!

Tannins are found in nature, but did you know they also give your wine that dry aftertaste

Space Food: The Final Frontier!

Modern space diets have a come along way from food in a tube and dried ice cream.

Why Beer Foam is Amazing (and Underrated)

Explore the science of beer foam! And for those skeptics, this is totally legit chemistry!

100% Dark Chocolate: Bitter or Best Ever?

Explore the science of dark chocolate from percentages, health benefits, taste and texture

About Serving Up Science

Serving Up Science is hosted by history buff, science writer and foodie Sheril Kirshenbaum, who will give you science-backed tips to make your favorite foods even better. Farmed or Wild? Why does cheese stink? Why should meat rest? Explore these questions and more.

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