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CPR In America

This one hour special episode teaches hands-only CPR.

Pancreatic Cancer

A diagnosis of pancreatic cancer is devastating for the patient and his/her family.

Preventative Cancer Screening

For some cancers, we have preventive cancer screenings that are readily available.

Type II Diabetes/Value-Based Care

Almost 30 million people in the U.S. have Type II Diabetes.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Young Athletes

Nine out of 10 people who experience sudden cardiac arrest, die from it.


Measles cases in the United States have reached a 20-year high.

ADHD in Adults

Attention deficit hyperactivity can often go unrecognized until later in life.


Schizoaffective disorder is a form of psychosis.


Rosacea is a condition that can cause psychological symptoms, as well as physical ones.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

The panel discusses Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


High-risk pregnancy and preeclampsia are discussed

About Second Opinion

Fast-paced and provocative, the award-winning SECOND OPINION focuses on health literacy in an engaging, entertaining and accessible way. Host Dr. Peter Salgo leads a panel of medical specialists and patients through the twists and turns of real-life medical mysteries. Visit the Second Opinion website

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