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Rumpole and the Younger Generation

Rumpole successfully defends a teenager accused of robbery with violence.

Rumpole and the Alternate Society

Rumpole is very content to be defending a drugs case in the peace of the West Country.

Rumpole and the Honourable Member

An MP is accused of raping one of his assistants, and seems reluctant to defend himself.

Rumpole and the Married Lady

After a long spell without cases, Rumpole is apparently divorcing his old friend.

Rumpole and the Learned Friends

Rumpole accuses a dishonest policeman of framing his safecracker client.

Rumpole and the Heavy Brigade

Rumpole defends an apparently mentally challenged petty crook on a murder charge.

About Rumpole of the Bailey

In John Mortimer's satirical look at criminal law and the workings of the Old Bailey, Horace Rumpole is a barrister who spouts Wordsworth to himself and is famed among colleagues for his battered hat and general slovenliness. His wife, known as "She who must be obeyed," sometimes thinks Rumpole has been so busy playing parts in courts that he's lost all trace of his own identity.

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