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The Peaceful Garden, Part 1

Ridley assists on an unsolved missing persons case.

The Peaceful Garden, Part 2

The discovery of a body leads to a shocking secret.

Hospitality, Part 1

When a body is found on a bleak moorland, Carol calls in Ridley to assist with the case.

Hospitality, Part 2

To solve the mystery of Gabriela's true origins, Ridley needs to track down her killer.

Swansong, Part 1

Ridley agrees to help find the missing brother of jazz singer Eve Marbury.

Swansong, Part 2

When a woman is found dead, Ridley finds a connection to his search for Luke Marbury.

The Numbered Days, Part 1

Ridley and Carol are called out to investigate the suspicious death of a man after a fall.

The Numbered Days, Part 2

Ridley makes a shocking connection between a case and the attack which killed his family.

About Ridley

Retired Detective Inspector Alex Ridley is called back to advise on a complex and compelling murder case by his replacement and former protege DI Carol Farman. Carol is keen to access Ridley’s unique insight into crime-solving which served them so well in the past, but the investigation takes a dark and unexpected twist.

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