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The Milky Way

When the body of young Ettore Frediani is found, his father is shattered by grief.


What Ettore left behind does not suggest he died by suicide.

The Seeker

Valerio does some snooping to figure out who was on duty the night of Ettore’s death.


The further Valerio digs the more frustrated he becomes at the inconsistencies.


Sara identifies the missing beggars, and Valerio tracks them down.


Ettore’s computer has disappeared someone has published his diary online.

Two Fathers

The shoe that Valerio found along the banks of the Tiber shows traces of another place.


Against everyone's advice, Valerio carries on his investigation.

About Redemption (Standing Tall)

Valerio is an ex-cop. After losing his job and the affection of his only son Ettore, he isolated himself from everything and everyone. Then, he receives the most awful news imaginable: Ettore is dead, his body found sprawled askew along a bank of the Tiber River. Almost everyone is certain that it was suicide--but not Valerio. From Walter Presents, in Italian with English subtitles.

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