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Can Soap REALLY "Kill" the Coronavirus?

We’re diving into the chemistry behind why soap is so effective.

What Causes the Northern Lights?

What Causes the Northern Lights?

How Do Pregnancy Tests Work?

How Do Pregnancy Tests Work?

How to Get Rid of Skunk Smell

How to Get Rid of Skunk Smell

Why Do Clothes Shrink in the Wash?

Why Do Clothes Shrink in the Wash?

White, Green, Black, and Oolong Tea: What's the Difference?

White, Green, Black, and Oolong Tea: What's the Difference?

Why Are Birds Different Colors?

There are thousands of species of birds and with great numbers come great biodiversity.

Women in Chemistry: Heroes of the Periodic Table

Let's honor women’s history month in the international year of the periodic table.

Why Dog Food STINKS!

Why Dog Food STINKS!

Death By Toilet Bowl Cleaning?

Death By Toilet Bowl Cleaning?

How Did the 80s Get Hair So Big?

How Did the 80s Get Hair So Big?

Is White Chocolate Actually White Chocolate?

Is White Chocolate Actually White Chocolate?

Citrus Scent DEBUNKED!

Citrus Scent DEBUNKED!

Can Plastic Be Composted?

Can Plastic Be Composted?

How Does Low-Dose Aspirin Work?

How Does Low-Dose Aspirin Work?

What Makes Kimchi So Delicious?

What makes kimchi sour and spicy, yet also surprisingly rich and buttery?

Should Santa Wear a Flame Retardant Suit?

Flame-retardant chemicals can slow the spread of fire in homes and garments.

Why Don’t Antarctic Fish Freeze to Death?

Fish living in the oceans around Antarctica seem like they should freeze to death.

Why Does Humidity Feel Gross?

Why Does Humidity Feel Gross?

How is Leather Made?

How does animal hide become leather?

Fact or Fiction: Uncooked Rice is Bad for Birds

Throwing rice at weddings won't hurt birds--and we can prove it with chemistry.

Do Astronauts Need Sunscreen?

How do astronauts survive the deadly radiation of deep space?

How Do You Catch Fruit Flies?

The chemistry behind why fruit flies love vinegar so much.

Tardigrades are the Planets Most Hardcore Critters

The humble tardigrade can be found practically anywhere.

Turning the Boston Harbor into Actual Tea

How Much Tea Would it Take to Turn the Boston Harbor into Tea?

What is Natto?

It’s a much-loved, protein-packed Japanese food standby made of slimy, stinky soybeans.

Can Silver Nanoparticles Combat Your Stink?

Clothing makers are harnessing the power of silver to combat workout stink. Does it work?

What are Eye Boogers?

What’s that stuff in the corner of your eyes when you wake up?

How Does Double Acting Baking Powder... Doubly Act?

Why does baking powder say “double acting” on the container?

How Plastic Recycling Actually Works

What happens to plastic bottles when you recycle them?

Can You Take Expired Drugs?

Every medicine you buy has a printed expiration date, but does it actually go bad?

Will This Pop a Balloon?

Have you ever popped a balloon with just an orange peel?

Yellowstone Steaming Acid Pools of Death

Yellowstone's hot springs have incredible geochemistry. But why are they so different?

How Air Conditioning Works

Air conditioning is the science of heat transfer and the chemistry of refrigerants.

3 Most Useful Kitchen Gadgets - Are They Worth It?

Do you really need all those kitchen gadgets? It all depends on the chemistry of cooking.

Why Does Stinky Cheese Stink?

It’s the chemistry of washed-rind cheeses that makes these foods so awfully stinky.

Hydrangeas and the Science of Do-Overs

We tried to use chemistry to change hydrangea flowers from red to blue. Let's try again.

Surströmming: The Secrets of this Stinky Swedish Fish

Surstromming, Swedish for sour herring, has a powerful stink thanks to food preservation.

How Do Hydrangeas Change Colors?

What does the pH of soil have to do with the color of hydrangeas?

Are We Breathing Caesar's Last Breath

Are you breathing air molecules that were once exhaled by Caesar?

How Seashells Are Made

Chalk and seashells are made of the same stuff. So why is one crumbly and the other tough?

The Ultimate Donut Battle: Cake vs. Yeast

How does chemistry makes a cake donut and a yeast donut taste so different?

Chameleons Are Masters of Nanotechnology

What do chameleons have to do with nanotechnology?

How Milk Becomes Cheese

We visit St. James Cheese Company in New Orleans to learn about the chemistry of cheese.

Does Melatonin Do Anything?

Melatonin is a supplement that’s supposed to help you sleep. But does it work?

How Do Airbags Work?

Airbags protect you in a car accident thanks to chemistry and a little bit of physics.

Burning Ice from the Ocean Floor

This ice burns because it’s actually methane trapped in water.

Small Bottle, HUGE Fireball (How Flame Jetting Works)

Pouring fuel over a flame can cause a ten-foot fireball to shoot out – flame jetting.

Why Can’t You Buy Fresh Olives?

You can never buy fresh olives because of a bitter chemical called oleuropein.

What's That After-Rain Smell Made Of?

There’s a sweet smell in the air after it rains: petrichor. How and why does this happen?

The Half-Life of Uranium & Collecting Gold in Acid

How do we know the half-life of uranium? Can you recover gold dissolved in acid?

Cow Burps Are Warming the Planet

Cows burp up a lot of methane, and it has huge climate change consequences.

What Are Century Eggs?

Fermentation turns these green and black preserved eggs into real Chinese comfort food.

TV Forensics: What Do CSIs Actually Do?

We’ll show you a sneak peak at what really happens in forensics science lab.

Nose Blindness, Mouthwash, and Hand Sanitizer--Your Question

Learn how your nose can go "blind" to some smells, and how sanitizers and mouthwash work.

How to Make the Best Cheap Hot Cocoa Possible

These science-inspired life hacks should help improve your cold weather pick-me-up.


Airplane contrails happen when burning jet fuel meets the chemistry of air.

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