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Episode Clips

Lesson Plan Clip 1 | Pier Kids

Desean, Krystal, and Krystal’s gay family discuss making a name for themselves.

Lesson Plan Clip 2 | Pier Kids

While getting her nails done, Krystal and Daniella discuss the act of motherhood.

Lesson Plan Clip 3 | Pier Kids

"I'm just gonna show you guys a little bit of what I do for survival."

Lesson Plan Clip 4 | Pier Kids

NYPD attempts to irritate, monitor and surveil the pier and Black queer bodies.

Lesson Plan Clip 5 | Pier Kids

In the church Casper’s birth family mourns his loss.

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The Song of the Butterflies

Rember, an Indigenous artist in Peru, journeys to the Amazonian land of his ancestors.

StoryCorps Shorts: September 12

A man reflects on feeling responsible for the September 11 attacks.

StoryCorps Shorts: Father Mychal's Blessing

Remembering the September 11 victim who died praying for others.

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