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Summer in the Winter

As new employee Teresa works on the opening of the Paradiso.

Never Give Up

Struggles for power and the ownership of the Paradise arise after Mandelli's death.


Rose continues to consolidate her position despite Mori’s efforts.

South Week

Jealousy brews among the different lovers as feelings resurface and sow doubt.

Beauty for Everyone

After reconciling with her parents, Teresa is able to accomplish her dream.

Fireflies and Dreams

Vittorio switches sides in a surprising turn of events to help Mori.


Neglect leads Teresa to revisit old feelings and focus her energy on helping young Maria.

Desperate Times Call for Drastic Action

Rose exploits the tension between Teresa and Mori.

The Kiss

Mori tries to expand into menswear and the Rockefeller deal draws closer.

Like a Family

Roberto and Elsa save the opening event for the new department.

About Paradise

Paradise is a profound drama portraying tightknit relationships between workers at a store amidst the societal expectations of the 1950s. From Walter Presents, in Italian with English subtitles.

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