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Life on Moss Mountain Farm

P. Allen Smith invites us into his home to share some of his favorite areas of the farm.

Making a Difference

P. Allen Smith talks to people making a difference in their communities and the world.

Going Mini

It's all mini - from mini plants and mini houses to mini pizzas and fairy gardens.

Embracing the Backyard

With more people doing "Stay-Cations," put some time and effort into your outdoor spaces.

Escape to the Garden

Escape to the garden with P. Allen Smith as he shares his stress relievers.

The Unusual

From unique planters to obscure wall hangings, explore the uncommon and unconventional.

Kids, Kids, and More Kids

P. Allen Smith shares how early learning about food sources leads to healthier lifestyles.

Small Spaces

P. Allen Smith shares ideas to make any area comfortable and stylish, indoors or out.

Anyone Can Do It

P. Allen Smith shares his tips for first-time gardeners who don't know where to begin.

Flower Power

P. Allen Smith shows us how to grow some of his favorites for arrangements.

Washington Was Here

P. Allen Smith discovers life in 18th century Williamsburg, VIrginia.


P. Allen Smith covers the extremes, including plants that love heat or thrive in water.

Self Defense

P. Allen Smith explores moves to protect things around your home and garden.

About P. Allen Smith's Garden Home

P. Allen Smith, one of the country's most sought-after gardening authorities, demystifies the process of designing beautiful gardens and opens up new possibilities for homeowners looking to create their own private sanctuaries.

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