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The Broken Tree

Genealogist and "heir hunter" Margot Laurent seeks an heiress, missing since 1962.

A Double Tour

Margot makes a macabre discovery in an old family wardrobe.

Treasure Island

On the trail of pirate treasure, Margot uncovers wealth hidden within a bloodline.

Son of the Moon

When a man is found hanging by his neck, the duo resolves a musical mix-up.

Black Dragon

The murder of a homeless woman takes Arthur and Margot to Indochina in the 1950s.

The Pelican Sacrifice

The clue clenched in a victim’s fist reveals the story of a family torn apart.

The Tears of Angels

A nun is found dead, leading to a network of stolen children from the 1970s.

A Scent of America

Is the body discovered at a former U.S. Army base the victim of child's play gone wrong?

The Chateau of Secrets

A famed designer is found dead in a chateau's hidden room.

The Big, Bad Wolf

A body is found in a forest, caught in a wolf trap--family curse or a terrible accident?

A Mother’s Love

An old woman is found murdered. Is there a link to her lifelong fight for human rights?

A Winning Hand

A high-stakes gamble ends with the ultimate sacrifice.

About Origins

Who can say that their family has no secrets? Genealogist Margot Laurent and police Captain Arthur du Plessis solve crime by shedding light on the past. From Walter Presents, in French with English subtitles.

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