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Impeachment and the Righteous Republicans

Historian Brenda Wineapple on her book “The Impeachers: The Trial of Andrew Johnson…”

Geopolitical Chess or Checkers?

Columbia University Center for Energy Policy’s Richard Nephew on sanctions and tariffs.

Our Civic Trust

John Bracken of the Digital Public Library of America on the vital role of libraries.

Testing American Righteousness

Jonathan Haidt, NYU professor of ethical leadership, on pluralism, partisanship and 2020

GPS and the Human Journey

M.R. O’Connor on “Wayfinding: The Science and Mystery of How Humans Navigate the World.”

Academics in the Crosshairs

New University in Exile Consortium’s Arien Mack and scholar Kian Tajbakhsh on freedom.

Economic Security, Mobility, and Progress

NJ Governor Phil Murphy talks about his pro-growth progressive agenda for New Jersey.

Technology to Combat Authoritarianism

Localization Lab’s Dragana Kaurin on protecting refugees, journalists, and activists.

The Race to Cure Cancer

Charles Graeber on “The Breakthrough: Immunotherapy and the Race to Cure Cancer.”

Einstein and the Unseeable

Seth Fletcher on his new book “Einstein's Shadow” and the quest to see the black hole.

The Misinformation Age

Cailin O'Connor and James Owen Weatherall on their new book "The Misinformation Age.

Justice and Jurisprudence

South Carolina U.S District Judge Richard Gergel on his new book "Unexampled Courage.”

Republic of Lies

Investigative journalist Anna Merlan on her new book "Republic of Lies” and conspiracy.

The Responsibility of Moral Capitalism

Executive Barie Carmichael on jobs, corporate stewardship, and the new social landscape.

You’re Not Entitled to Your Own Facts

News Literacy Project CEO Alan Miller on equipping students to discern fact from fiction

Preserving, Protecting, and Defending Democracy

Common Cause Electoral Reform director Pam Wilmot on the National Popular Vote

Cyber Diplomacy or Mr. Robot Dystopia?

Former State Department Advisor Chris Painter on digital security and foreign policy.

The Case for Economic Affirmative Action

Harvard Professor of Education Anthony Jack discusses his new book “The Privileged Poor"

Showdown 2020

Demos President Sabeel Rahman on the future of the Democratic Party, and progressivism.

Civility of Morals and Manners

Novelist and Hutchins Center fellow ZZ Packer on civil rights, disobedience, and society

Digital War, Espionage, and Dirty Tricks

Annenberg Public Policy Center's Kathleen Hall Jamieson on political hacking and trolls.

Republican Dignity

Former Ohio Governor John Kasich discusses preserving the Republican Party.

How to Unlearn Hate

Sally Kohn on her book “The Opposite of Hate: A Field Guide to Repairing Our Humanity.”

Algorithmic Justice

Joy Buolamwini of Algorithmic Justice League on facial recognition and AI technology.

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