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Breaking Up and Deradicalizing the Socials

Mother Jones’ Ali Breland on combating bigotry online and breaking up new media monopolies

Facts and Fears of a Pandemic

NBC News reporter Brandy Zadrozny on coronavirus, anti-vaxxers, and conspiracy-mongers.

Democratizing the Jury

Wesleyan University’s Sonali Chakravarti on her book “Radical Enfranchisement.”

The Kremlin’s Hack Attacks

Wired reporter Andy Greenberg discusses the next wave of Russian cyber crimes.

Unbecoming a Democracy

Patricia Roberts-Miller of University of Texas on demagoguery and its historical origins.

The Science and Necessity of Friendship

Science journalist Lydia Denworth on the evolution, biology, and power of friendship.

Bias, Bigotry, and Tyrannical Discourse

Robert Boyers on “The Tyranny of Virtue: Identity… and the Hunt For Political Heresies.

Grand Strategy for the Campus Commons and Beyond

Vassar College president Elizabeth Bradley on free speech and engaged pluralism.

The Battle for the Constitution and Pelosi's Originalism

Justin Driver of Yale Law on constitutional law and the struggle to preserve democracy.

Baldwin and Buckley: Advocating and Denying Civil Rights

Nicholas Buccola on his book “The Fire is Upon Us,” Baldwin, Buckley, and race in America

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