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The Mask of the Devil, Part 1

A girl is found tied to a tree, wearing a Krampus mask. A young ethologist comes to town.

The Mask of the Devil, Part 2

The missing girl's sister goes missing. Fedez is a distraction for Eva.

The Path Home

A woman is found unconscious by the ski lifts. The police suspect foul-play.

Vertical Challenge

When Francesco witnesses a plane crash, he rushes to find any survivors.

The Accusation

A girl from the commune was assaulted, and a witness saw her with Francesco just before.

The Trap

A local doctor has been kidnapped, but nobody knows by whom, or even why.

Sacred Fire

On the night of the Sacred Heart festival, murder. An illegitimate child is suspected.

Free Spirits

A predator is roaming the mountainside. Livia falls ill and refuses to go to the hospital.

Beyond Infinity

A parachute malfunction leads the police to an infamous gang of thieves.

The Girl in the Lake

A body is pulled out of the lake. Zoe hopes it's not her sister.

About One Step From Heaven

Visit the magical world of San Candido, where love, friendship, mysterious pasts, and the unpredictability of nature--animals and people--are intertwined. Part drama, part western, part police procedural--totally fascinating. From Walter Presents, in Italian with English subtitles.

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